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  1. Do I get a specialty invite? I know Cosmere stuff.
  2. I think the most useful theoretical magictech device would be a machine or object that changes Connection at will. If you are connected to the Cosmere magic you're trying to use you tend to get more bang for your buck than if you get a device that you just happened to make work. A shardblade in the hands of a Rosharan is going to work way better than one in the hands of someone from Taldain even if they could get the spren to work with him. That way someone could do what Hoid does way easier. I can imagine someone building a set with a template corresponding to a world, either to blend in with the local populace or to counter the local powerset. I can imagine someone with multiple rings or bracers or whatever, and they can be a Rosharan for one day, a Scadrian the next so long as the power lasts. Shai already proves something like that can be done. One thing that is probably for sure, Kelsier will definitely be a Mistborn again.
  3. I believe that as we progress through the Cosmere eras the magic system conversations we've all been having (the great Mistborn v Radiant thread for example) are trending towards less and less relevance. If the Cosmere related secrets projects have taught us anything, it's that magictech is democratizing power in the Cosmere in many ways. It's no longer enough to be a Radiant or an Awakened or even an Elantrian; depending on the development of the planet one stands one can acquire more than enough power or powers to stand toe to toe against any singular so-called magic system user. What matters more is the knowledge to be able to counter any displayed ability and having the right mechanism to do so. Batman beats Superman in future Cosmere nearly every time. That's not to say some things aren't dangerous no matter how many tools one has in their trick bag. Nightblood and entities like it (I don't believe for a second that it'll be the only one, too useful), Dawnshards and Dragons, likely Full Shards are some examples. However the examples I listed were probably already beyond what one would traditionally classify as a magic system or its limits in the first place. Magictech breaks systems and makes abilities uppermost. It allows mix and match customization and makes one take into consideration synergy of abilities. It also makes one have to take into account the strength and elasticity of a soul. One can do nearly anything with enough BEU. Only a few entities can do nearly everything. Any thoughts guys?
  4. We do know from the examples of the Heralds and from Vasher and even Hoid that humans aren't especially equipped for immortality and that is a problem a Shard has to particularly deal with. I don't believe wisdom has all that much to do with being a Vessel. It's more about compatibility with the Intent and the ability to resist Shardic pressure. But even if wisdom is a determining factor when it comes to being a Vessel and Humans are just as capable as Dragons at managing the immense power of a Shard in that way, having a body that is naturally immortal has to be considered as one less thing to deal with. A Vessel with a mind that isn't crumbling from the ravages of advanced age is by default better able to cope with all the difficulties with the position than one that is.
  5. Well Cultivation is a Dragon, naturally immortal and thus probably better able to deal with the effects a Shard imposes on its Vessels. If she's better able to wield Fortune then color me not surprised.
  6. Yeah I'm still not sure what Renarin did at TC with that thunderclast at the end. He cracked open a ball of light, the thunderclast ran. Both Renarin and Glys are so vague that I can't be sure about anything. But I saw nothing wrong or funky with his Progression Surge beforehand.
  7. Just to nitpick a little bit, I believe Renarin lost the ability to lightweave normally as a consequence of Glys' altered state. It's stated in the text that non altered Truthwatchers can make Shallan style illusions just fine (though they don't explain the method). What I think is occurring here is a tradeoff. Renarin as an alternative Truthwatcher gains futuresight but loses traditional lightweaving. More power to one Surge yields less power to the other when most people are closer to a balance However, he still gets to keep his Resonance. What we see when he shows Moash (and Adolin, don't forget) their Ideal he is using his Resonance. In fact, now that I think about it, I begin to believe that the truth watching that they all do is just their Resonance at work. Their surges are illumination and progression (regrowth/healing) and I have not noticed Renarin being extraordinary in either of his Surges, and particularly weak with Lightweaving. So I guess the 'fuel' for his Resonance boost (his futuresight) comes from a weakening of his normal surges, more from the lightweaving side of the ledger.
  8. If Cultivation had the opportunity to hold the Harmony Shard she'd do a better job of it than Sazed. He doesn't have the temperament for true Harmony, he'd be better as just Preservation.
  9. The OP's theory gives one much to think about. I don't necessarily agree with it but I wouldn't be surprised if it's actually true. After reading the comments here's what I believe is going on: . Renarin is special. His full Truthwatcher ability to see the future was unlocked by his bond with Glys. . OG Truthwatchers could NOT see the future, their vision was limited to past and present in a wide range, particularly good with subjects they had a Connection to. . Ancients with the powers that eventually became codified as Truthwatcher powers could indeed see the future before Ishar forced organization on Surgebinders. Either by Ishar's decree or Honor's will, those Truthwatchers were denied futuresight. . At the time of the Recreance those restrictions, indeed the restrictions for all KR were loosening due to Honor's impending demise. A couple of Truthwatchers in that Era got a peek behind the veil and it freaked them, so much so that they felt it must be recorded. . Those protections in the current Era are even weaker now than they were during the Recreance, leading to more capable KR and less rigid restrictions to the magic. This also makes it far easier to corrupt. But much like the Oathpact before Jezrian was murdered, the protections are still being enforced if perhaps in a limited way. A Truthwatcher with no real need to test the ancient restrictions would not be able to see the future. If Renarin had been chosen by an untouched Mistpren he'd not be able to see the future either, or at least not nearly as frequently as he apparently does.
  10. I think we've known for awhile now that different Orders shape their Plate from different Spren. Doesn't that mean that they all have a special function outside of the basic?
  11. @The Technovore I like the analysis, good job.. A couple comments. 1. Roshar is not seriously planning any invasion in the Cosmere without Radiants. They aren't stupid. Even with Radiancy being a relatively new concept for modern Roshar their scouts would tell then they would be going against a planet of magic users. They ain't going in naked. 2. Stormlight supply is the biggest limiting factor for a Rosharan offensive. I don't see them using gunpowder weaponry like Scadrial's forces, they seem more comfortable with light based weaponry. But to do so they're going to need a breakthrough to keep their forces properly supplied. 3. Of the opposing forces, Roshar benefits much more from a scout force than Scadrial because Scadrial's weapons aren't exactly unique. It's much easier to get a gun than a Shardblade. And if Roshar goes in prepared they have the commanders to best take advantage of the information gained. If they can go in with at least comparable weapons Scadrial is going to have a really tough patch. Still, I agree for the most part with the assessment.
  12. I can't give this enough thumbs up. How do you think it looks if Scadrial had the home field advantage?
  13. So I guess every Scadrian soldier becomes Waxillium Dawnshot if you give him an aluminum pistol and a pass to Roshar. Even an aluminum gnat is metalborn so he is automatically the most deadly gunslinger in the Cosmere. Meanwhile Shardplate is as strong as wet cardboard as long as it gets hit with an aluminum bullet and the literal Surges of Creation are a minor inconvenience to deal with for a Mistborn. No offense but how ridiculous does that sound? Just say you like the Mistborn books over Stormlight. That'd be more honest. As powerful as Wax is the only way he beats Jasnah is with the Bands. I'd give Kaladin about equal odds even if you gave Wax the Bands. The only people from Scadrial's magic system that can stand toe to toe with a full Radiant regardless of order is a Fullborn. Next likely is an R-Inquisitor or a Double Steel or Double Gold twin. Then it's standard Inquisitors, Full Feruchemists and finally Mistborn with Atium. Those are literally it. I don't care what type of Mistings or Ferring you throw at a 4th Ideal Radiant, a candle flame in a hurricane has a better chance. I'd be willing to change my mind if Scadrial had modern weaponry and Roshar had no way to get it. As it stands now there are at most 5 people in the entire Mistborn series that would stand a chance of beating a Radiant. Vin, Marsh, Sazed, TLR and maybe Wax. As far as armies, maybe Scadrial can mount an entire army full of Metallic Arts users. Unlikely but possible. But to rely on the regular soldiers to snap en route or once the fighting starts would be incredibly foolish. How many Mistings are worth anything in direct combat? Steel, Iron, Pewter. Everything else is either useless or strictly support. Meanwhile every Radiant on the field would be a menace, every individual with Plate is a tank, and Surges are just as much a gamechanger as post Civil War guns are.
  14. I thought I saw a conflicting timeliness where the events of Elantris happen a couple thousand years prior to the Final Desolation but I could be mistaken. Even so, if the Iri and the Stormlight bank in Lasting Integrity are anything to go by, they've solved their location based restrictions at least somewhat. Enough to power an invasion of another Cosmere world? Maybe not now but I ain't willing to discount anything until I get Elantris Era 2. I really think we're all going to regret underestimating Nalthis one day. Their Shardic advantage should not be taken lightly. They might get smoked 1 on 1 against any of the other 3 but if everyone there is a magic user they could drown the other powers with sheer numbers.
  15. At the request of @LewsTherinTelescope and because the Roshar v Scadrial debate is getting a bit stale, I wanted to try and etch out what it would look like with more combatants. There are issues with this line of speculation but we could try and power through them anyway. The Big 4 are of course Roshar, Scadrial, Sel and Nalthis. The obvious bottleneck is in information, and that heavily skews thinking. We have 2 Eras of Scadrial's history and 4 epic Doorstoppers of lore from Roshar. Although we've only seen half of each planet we can be relatively confident of their current abilities, likely motivation and future prospects. Based on what we've seen on page it'd be hard not to pick one of those 2 pillars to be the ultimate Victor in any Cosmere-wide conflict. Of the other 2 pillars much less is certain but the clues left in WoB's, breadcrumbs left in our premiere novels and some deep diving of the 3 texts we have at our disposal leave tantalizing possibilities. There is evidence that Sel has already solved some of the issues we know about from their local conditions as well as Roshar's little problem. Elantris predates our current Cosmere timeliness by at least 7000 years and they don't look like a culture prone to stagnation. Nalthis is even more of a mystery as we don't even know what other things we can do with Endowment. But from what we can infer, Nalthis would be the only pillar with a singular purpose since they only have to contend with 1 Shard's will. Add to that, they can bring to bear more magic users than the other 3 combined and can imbue weapons of power and you may have a thorny problem ruffling Edgli's feathers. So who wins and why?
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