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  1. @Szeth_Pancakes look at this username. someone hates you.

  2. Well there is another solution . The champion is wearing black shardplate and has consumed a vessel for yelig-nar . That would project 9 shadows for 9 surges . His eyes would be Red . And the familiarity could come from either Gavilar and or the thrill in the champions eyes !
  3. One of quirks I never read WoB. I am pleased when I’m right tho . It just made so much sense in where he was going in RoW
  4. I actually wondered about this myself. He possess a set of shards . This would automatically make him the first Hornester shardbearer and king by default . Cord only has plate and she got hers a year after Rock hot his by killing Amaram . I also don’t think he has an Honorspren yet . We have just learned about peekspren. He may have attracted one , thus becoming a Stoneward . If Renarin and Rlain can be Truthwstchers and stil be considered bridge 4 . Why can’t rock be a Stoneward . Considering his name it seams more appropriate !!
  5. Each flashback POV from the previous books gave us tons of insight into the cause of the War with the Listeners . So I began wondering who will be the POV for the final book . So far we have had Szeth , Jasnah , Eshonai and Navani respectively . I think Brandon has given us enough foreshadowing to predict who it will be . Szeth gave us the act that caused the war . Jasnah gave us clues that clandestine forces were acting against the Kholin family . Eshonai gave us the Listners reasons for assasinating Gavilar . Navani shows us that Gavilar wasn’t so innocent , he was almost Herald level ruthless . I don’t think any of us saw that coming . So thier is only one person IMO that makes sense for book 5 . Gavilar himself ! We need to know where he got that light . We need to know what him a Kalek were planning to do with that Antivoidlight . I think Kalek , Nale , and Gavilar were all working together . And I think we will see that Gavilar really did deserve to die . For some reason I think what Teravangion did may be what Gavilar was arrogantly planning on doing . Which is why Nale had nightblood in the first place . Anyways I can’t think of anyone whose perspective matters anymore . Ehloksr was a immature teenager , Adolin was a kid . I suppose Nale could offer a good insight but being a zherald I feel like it’s kind of cheating . With all the knowledge they have . So I’m. Thinking it has to be Gavilar . What do you guys think ?
  6. Moash purpose is clear to me . It always has been . He is the Anti-Kaladin. He understands Kaladin stormblessed intimately . He is the only one who knows how to defeat Kaladin . You don’t fight Kaladin physically ! You attack him mentally thru his ideals . We have seen that physically Kaladin is a force of Wrath when provoked and the Fused really don’t want them problems . The Pursuer was an idiot . And arrogant . I think if El and Moash work together they can take out stormblessed by attacking those he loves
  7. The sword literally burped afterwards. lol, you have to love nightblood. i think it would be highly amusing to get a POV from nightblood when he ate Rayse! thats some Lopen level funny rust!
  8. he could your right. nice catch. brandon pisses me off always doing this, he does so much foreshadowing we seeing rust and wondering , wait was he telling the truth here....
  9. Wowza nice theory . I always thought who would Odium pick ? My answer is someone Dalinar could not kill . The obvious answer was Adolin . People love him , and Dalinar would let the world burn before he would kill him . I never thought of Gavilar who also fits the bill for this . I didn’t know we were getting a Gavilar POV in part 5 . It will probably be his flashback viewpoint of his death . I like this more than Adolin idea honestly ! Could you imagine Dalinar face ? And Navani ??? Oh this is too good of an idea . I would pay money for that fight . Real talk !
  10. Oh I remember that , it was a lie , he was trying to say Kaladin had a honorblade, and therefore wasn’t radiant . Which meant Szeth was still truthless . The fact that it happened later is coincidence!
  11. Funny thing I listened to this part yesterday . It’s so fast I missed it . Thx a lot . I really am enjoying Terovangion Arc . He is the antagonist that we can actually respect his genius .
  12. Thanks I just saw the other post . I still think that name has implications . We will see !
  13. I literally just made a post about this . As I’m a audio book listener I thought I heard Rayalesk . my theory was that Aluminum was the body of Adonalsium . So perhaps Ralker or something similar is the vessel of Adonalsium . I thought it was saying Rayaledk , implying that it’s the body of Rayse . My theory is baseless , it was just a guess Now that I know that what they call aluminum on Sel . Maybe it’s created when Odium splinters a shard like on Sel , threnody , Roshar . It’s also on Scardrial . And while Odium has not been there . Ruin and Preservation have been splintered before . I think the name is an important key ! You are right about that . When we see anything close to Ralkalest we will finally know it’s Origans
  14. A long time ago I finished Mistborn . Seeing as how Atium was the body of Ati . Lerasium was the body of Lerus . I started thinking Aluminum may be the body of Adonalsium . It kind of made sense since throughout the Cosmere it blocks Investiture . It Falls from the sky on Roshar , so it kind of follows my theory somewhat . Then the fuse call it Rayelaak ( audio book) so forgive my spelling . And that sounds a lot like Rayse . So could I be wrong and aluminum is the body of Rayse . That doesn’t make sense . I just don’t get why the fused would call it that . What do you guys think ?
  15. I listen to audiobooks , so sometimes you miss things especially when somebody starts talking while your in a chapter . After Dalinar confronts the Herald Ishar . Szeth is overtaken with melancholy . He keeps saying how did he know . I went back and listened to Szeth chapter and Teravangion interlude . Neither of them talk about Szeths father . So did I miss something ? Or is this info that was shared off screen ? Or did they perhaps talk about his father in another book . I hope I just missed it and not that this was givin to us off screen .
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