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  1. As a former offender, I wholeheartedly agree. For Ba-Ado-Mishram's sake, please use spoiler tags.
  2. An excellent question, one I should address before anything else. By the timeline I've set forth, Eighth would have barely seen the Rtich in action, and that was in a chaotic battlefield where reality itself was disintegrating. For this reason, and for the sake of a balanced character, he knows how to move mercury around, but can't form specific shapes yet. That would have to be learned, either through mundane experimentation or on-they-fly improvisation. Whichever comes first.
  3. Hello all. I am officially submitting my character for Approval in the Alleyverse. All details should be below, with a few notes expanded outside the quote. Note on the Smedry talent: It's been nearly three months since Eighth's "talent" activated, transporting him from the airships of Southern Scadrial to the middle of the Underground. Since then, he's tried to make his way through this strange land, glad to be in a place he can finally speak and be understood. Note that worldhopping-level teleportation is not the only function this particular Smedry talent could serve. In the hands of an inexperienced, unwitting owner, however, this most basic function is likely the only that will manifest for some time. Note on the Rtich motivator: Eighth's Smedry talent dragged him into the midst of the events of [Spoilers for Calamity] This was his shortest worldhopping experience. He was close enough to Abraham that when [Spoiler again for Calamity] Eighth recovered the Rtich motivator. He saw enough to get an idea for how it's used, but hasn't practiced nor innovated too much. Note on the unsealed ironmind: Despite both the Brunstell and Wilg carrying specifically two-power medallions (either iron and brass, or iron and duralumin), I have chosen to have either have Eighth possess an iron-only medallion, or else be unaware of the other power present (conveniently leaving myself leeway for any RP). Further, for the sake of gameplay, I assume that Eighth can only store weight, not tap it. I do this because a) there seems to be a theory that unsealed metalminds cannot provide both storing and tapping, only one or the other, and b) as a means of mitigating power levels. This might change down the road, with the justification that Eighth was only aware of the storing capability of the ironmind.
  4. I am making a character, and would appreciate some feedback. Especially, I worry that my character is a) too overpowered---the merits feel odd---or b) too much of a lone-wolf. Really, any and all feedback is very much welcome.
  5. The talent of constantly shocking people/things with annoying amounts of static electricity. Insert evil laughter here.
  6. Ooh. Theory: Kwaan somehow made it into the Cognitive Realm. There, he would have seen how metal glows, and made a few extrapolations. No evidence, just fun to consider
  7. I feel the need to point out that you would have less power. This isn't a huge thing, but it would prevent Mistborn from pulling a Wax and drilling bullets through walls and wood plans. Though, in hindsight, duralumin could serve. I wonder if a person could construct an aluminum-lined gauntlet to have bullet-like ammunition to be ejected from the wrist. More convenient, less conspicuous, and easier (theoretically) to aim. Though, the most intuitive aiming system would likely involve ammunition from the chest, like Wax's steel bullet trick. This probably comes down to a matter of personal preference. Remember that debate Marsh and Vin had, on the merits of constantly Smoking (heh) versus Seeking? Say...would an aluminum hat prevent Seekers from hearing Allomantic pulses?
  8. I was casually reading The Lost Metal when I came across an interesting description of everyone's favorite character: Allomancer Jak. In the above excerpt (emphasis mine) we see a couple of faulty descriptions of Allomancy. Flight obviously refers to Coinshots or Lurchers. Eating rocks is, technically, a very good description of what Allomancers do to fuel their abilities. The talking to birds, though...that's a new one. As best we know, no Allomantic ability is capable of this. Obviously, the story is conflating a few different aspects of Scadrial's magic systems under the broad term "Allomancy" and we can't expect a miner in (what was very likely) the Roughs to get all the details right. So, where did Wayne's mother get the idea of talking to birds? Well, the obvious answer is a kandra. Obvious, so long as you have a modicum of sanity left to you. But I, free from the mortal constraints of such petty things as rationality, had a thought. What if Wayne's mother wasn't conflating Hemalurgy with Allomancy, but Feruchemy? We're all familiar with how F-Duralumin works to a certain extent by now. Tap blank Connection in a foreign land, and you are instantly able to speak and comprehend the local language, albeit with an accent. The implication is that this is among the simplest application of Feruchemical Connection, and that more sophisticated uses likely exist. So, I propose a fairly intuitive extrapolation. What if you somehow manipulated Connection to facilitate communication between animals? Inherently, a Feruchemist tapping Connection could make animals more trusting. So, this isn't a huge step forwards. But, yeah. This was just fun to type out. Thoughts? Longshot97
  9. Which is fair. I mean, Plate and Blade are both metallic manifestations of Investiture---in other words, literal God Metals. They also require a source of Investiture as power. It's not unreasonable to have an opponent equipped with similar resources. I wonder if an easy way to view these sort of "Who Would Win" scenarios is relative access to Investiture. Let's explore that. Shardplate and Shardblade Just a metric ton of metallic Investiture, famously enough to resist Allomantic influence. The presence of gemstones infused with gaseous Investiture also helps their case. So, who would have access to comparable levels of Investiture, and would they be a good match? Elantrians Access to way more Investiture in the right circumstances, and even outside those circumstances (at least theoretically). Versatility is also a factor. Elantrians have no direct improvements to durability or strength, but this can be overcome. Conclusion: Can and will mop the floor with Shardbearers. Bit of a glass cannon, but no contest really. Mistborn Less overall Investiture, but access to highly dangerous flavors of it. Not nearly as much of a glass cannon, though little helps against a Shardblade. Conclusion: Skill and environment depending, a Mistborn would at least pose a challenge. Full Feruchemist No directly offensive forms of Investiture. Against an opponent in strength-and-speed-boosting armor, as well as a sword that cuts through anything, I think Feruchemists would struggle. Maybe with enough Investiture, they could survive, but finding ways of winning would be a test of ingenuity. Conclusion: Potential access to comparable levels of Investiture. At comparable levels, has a greater chance of victory. Otherwise, chances of survival are improved. Fullborn No contest. Conclusion: No. Awakeners Suffer from a lack of bodily enhancements. Awakened material could easily be destroyed by a Shardblade, and it would take a lot of force to shatter Shardplate. This is where comparable levels of Investiture again plays a role. The God King, for example, easily outstrips any Shardbearer, and would emerge victorious without breaking a sweat. Conclusion: How much Breath? Sand Masters Hmm... Sand Masters don't technically have much Investiture. However, measuring the amount of Invested sand they have on hand, as well on their innate capacity for Sand Mastery, may suffice in this regard. Conclusion: More raw power, more likely to survive. Skill obviously plays a role, but raw force is necessary to shatter Plate. However, the eyeslits do exist.
  10. Callsign: Quadriceps Amusingly, the English transliteration of my last name is letter-for-letter present in the above word. That's all I'm willing to say.
  11. Purely out of curiosity, do you have any evidence to back this claim? Supposedly, Feruchemy protects the user from over-using its abilities, the only thing supporting this is F-Steel's inability to negate air resistance. Oh, you see talk of Iron Compounders crushing themselves, or Brass Compounders melting alive, but nothing in-text supports this. This begs the question: what would oversaturation of oxygen produce? If the body were somehow protected from excessive oxygen (similar to how F-Iron doesn't let the user crush themselves) what would that produce?
  12. The first words of The Hero of Ages: "Marsh struggled to kill himself." Absolutely chilling. It's no wonder he's dedicated himself to Harmony. This is a goal he understands, and he can seek atonement with what time he has left. Just...beautiful.
  13. Tress of the Emerald Sea would make a hilarious musical.
  14. I am now convinced that all Scadrian buffet places have rules against Subsumers. Change my mind. I would argue that in a modern setting, F-Bendalloy becomes a less useful metal. Sure, it helps with budgeting and whatnot, but on the whole, if you live in urban or suburban areas, sustenance is not really an issue. So it remains useful, but less so.
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