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  1. Well I guess that is much more logical than a giant stone hand coming out of the mountain hahaha What do you think the meaning could be of "he holds us in his palm?"
  2. I know right?! Sorry for spoiling the entire climax of book 5 for you, or should I say, the crescendo…
  3. I think you might be misunderstanding me a bit. I don't think that the Alethi war codes are the 5th Windrunner ideal. I think they could have been one Windrunner's 5th ideal in the past. Their personal legacy to inspire protection and leadership in society since they have sworn to protect, yet also understood that they personally cannot protect everyone. This would be a way to continue to protect, yet also empower others to be part of that protecting and not forcing all of the responsibility on oneself. In that way, the fifth ideal would be a Radiant's personal embodiment of the ideals in some form that could be used by society more broadly and have the greatest impact. I completely agree that the ideals are unique to each individual, as we have seen in the books many times now, so my idea was that Kaladin's 5th ideal would also be something of a legacy for protection in the vein of his own personal struggle - something like a book or clinic that aims to improve support for people experiencing mental illness like he was starting to do in RoW.
  4. On my last re-read of WoK I noticed that the Alethi war codes that Dalinar adheres to are very Windrunner-like, and it turns out that they date back to the time of the Radiants. We know that Windrunners were most often from Alethkar, so it makes sense that their war codes were culturally influenced by the Windrunner ideals. But then I got thinking, what if the codes themselves were actually authored by a Windrunner? And if so, what if that was in fact their 5th ideal? I think this would make sense for the progression of the ideals, as we've seen through Kaladin's struggle with the idea that he cannot protect everyone. If he can't protect everyone, but the Windrunners are focused on protecting and leading, then perhaps the final progression of this would be to leave behind some kind of work that could have a greater impact, to lead by example and empower others to protect! If this were the case, it would make a lot of sense why very few Radiants reach this 5th ideal, as it is something that can only be done after much experience and growth through the other ideals. I think it makes sense for Kaladin's arc too. So far his protection has been focussed quite narrowly - protecting Tien, protecting his squad, bridge four, etc. He has sworn to protect those who cannot protect themselves, even those he hates so long as it is right, and that there are those he cannot protect. To be able to carry out these oaths to the greatest effect, he really needs to empower others to uphold these same ideals - not to put all of the responsibility on himself. Not only this, but his arc shows that Windrunners don't necessarily have to remain in combat forever; that he can protect in other ways too (e.g. his support work with people suffering from mental illness in RoW). So I can imagine Kaladin's 5th ideal being to write a book or start some kind of clinic focussed on mental health and reforming the current treatment of those suffering from mental illnesses. In this way, he is protecting people on such a bigger scale than he ever could fighting alone, empowering others to learn and develop whole new understandings and treatments regarding mental health that would continue to protect people well into the future. I could imagine something similar being the case for the other Knights Radiant orders too. For Lightweavers, perhaps their 5th ideal being some kind of art piece that captures something important about the self to preserve that knowledge for future generations - be it a painting, a play, song, poem, etc. I think we currently only know the 5th ideal for the Skybreakers - they "become the law" - which fits with this broader idea as I suppose this could involve actually writing their own legal code to inspire legal reform and advocate justice on a wider scale. Perhaps the in-world Way of Kings is an example of this too, potentially being Nohadon's fifth Bondsmith ideal as it inspires unity across societies and class, and is a legacy of honor to be drawn upon by future generations? Personally, I feel that the 5th ideal really has to be about having a greater impact/leaving a legacy in the realm of what the Radiant's previous oaths are themed towards - be it protection, freedom, truth, justice, responsibility, unity, etc. Anyway, these are my rambling thoughts. Thank you for reading and do let me know what you think
  5. I think this is what a lot of people’s immediate thought was, however Brandon has said it’s not Hoid. The speculation continues!
  6. Why on Roshar did Wit give Kaladin his flute? And why did Kaladin find it again at the end of RoW? What is being set up here? Well, I've been wondering these things and instead of coming to any logical conclusions, I have dreamed up a very whacky Battle of Champions theory that is utterly wrong but could it be so wrong that it is right? The whole last book we've been learning about Tones and Rhythms, Kaladin has a flute, and there's a really weird Death Rattle that makes me think of El for no other reason than that he gives me "black piper in the night" vibes (and, well, he is into human art forms which would include musical instruments, and the whole "no man can hear" kind of echoes his previous Vyre/'He Who Quiets' Fused title: So Dalinar and co meet TaravOdium at the Battle of Champions. They're all like WOAAAH and already thrown off. Dalinar declares himself his own champion, then El rocks up as Odium's champion, pipe in hand. Odium cackles and says MWAHAHAHA you didn't think I'd face the Blackthorn in a battle of swords!! This is a battle of wind instruments... to the death... mwahahaha. Dalinar is looking freaked out, but Kaladin steps up and says, hey I kinda found my old flute again 10 days ago and I've never actually played it but it's a wind instrument and I'm a Windrunner so it can't be that hard right? And Dalinar is like, yep son, I think you should go for it. So Kaladin and El face off, Kal is blowing into his flute like a kid in elementary school who is forced to learn the recorder, face red from lack of oxygen, fingers flying wildly over the holes, and hey it's kind of working cause those Fused are covering their ears from the horror of the sound. Hoid is mortified at the blasphemy that is the noises coming out of his beautiful old flute. El is playing his pipe but we can't hear a thing cause Kaladin is just too loud - hence the "playing a tune that no man can hear" part. But it brings the stone to life and forms into a giant hand that lifts El and Kal up above the storm clouds - "holds us in his palm" TICK. What happens next, is a mystery. They are in the sky and the sky belongs to Kaladin, and no one else can see... Does Kal throw the flute aside and claim El's life with his Syl spear? Would the dishonor of such an act kill what is left of Honor, dooming them all? Was that Odium's plan all along? Does El have some mysterious tricks up his carapace? Feel free to continue the story in the comments below! But could this also solve the mystery of book five's title? The final part of the ketek WoK-WoR-O-RoW-? The one that no one saw coming? Keening of Windpipes!
  7. Really agree with your comments @Jofwu. I’m really enjoying the show! Not only do the changes make a lot of sense for a TV show adaptation, but having new possibilities in the show actually gives me the chance to be surprised by the Wheel of Time all over again, which I find exciting!
  8. Yeah I don't think that Chana's soul would be in the same seon box that we saw in Rhythm of War, or that the box would enable the soul to act as a seon - seons communicate without the boxes on Sel, so the box just seems to be a way of containing the cognitive shadow. And if a seon could be held in that box, I think a Herald's soul could be too as they're both cognitive shadows. And Shallan always says that her mother's glowing soul is in a box... It's a bit of a whacky thought-theory but I don't think anything is too wild to think of when it comes to the Davar family now.
  9. Yeah probably! I’m being influenced by the theory that Shallan’s mum could be the Herald Chana. I just think it would be so cool if it was true and Chana actually knew Nohadon as a king all that time ago… I do think that the Way of Kings seems to be an interesting link between the mysteries surrounding both Shallan’s family and Gavilar, with their Ghostblood, Herald and Unmade connections. I wonder who recommended the book to Gavilar or how he came across it…
  10. Could Shallan’s mother’s soul be in the seon box? We know the Davars had one and Shallan played with it as a child. If it can hold a seon, aka a cognitive shadow, why not a Herald? Gives a whole new meaning to her father keeping her mother’s glowing soul in a box… (Edit: in chapter 64 of WoR, Shallan gets frightened in the cell where she sees Taln and swears by saying “mother’s soul”, just as people swear by the Heralds. E.g. Ishar’s soul, Ash’s eyes… Chana’s soul?)
  11. Something has always been suspicious to me about Shallan’s knowledge of the Way of Kings. When she first petitions Jasnah to become her ward, she lists the works of philosophy she’s read and one of the very few is the Way of Kings itself. This seems odd since it is rejected by most in Vorin society due to its discussion of the Radiants and for saying that lighteyes are beneath darkeyes. Jasnah and Dalinar only started reading it after Gavilar, and we have no idea what inspired him to read it but know that others thought him strange for doing so. So, why did Shallan have a copy in Jah Keved? In Word of Radiance, chapter 38, Dalinar recites a section of the Way of Kings to the gathered Highprinces and Shallan, having just arrived at the Shattered Plains, is in the room too. When she hears Dalinar, she recognises the quote: So in her childhood, Shallan was reading the Way of Kings. And we know there’s some strange and mysterious stuff going on with Shallan’s childhood - why did she attract the Cryptics? Why was her mother involved with the Skybreakers? What did her family have to do with the Ghostbloods? Why did she recognise the seon box in RoW? The Way of Kings is now mixed up in all of this too! Later, in Shallan’s Middlefest flashback, she meets Wit. When he asks her, “What is the most beautiful thing you can imagine?” She replies: So Shallan’s mother seems to have been the one to teach her philosophy as a child, and one of the few works of philosophy she taught was the Way of Kings. In my latest reread I noticed something potentially weird. Chapter 47, Pattern is translating the Dawnchant. Okay, so is it just me or does this part in bold not imply that Shallan knows Nohadon’s actual name? Like she just offhand remembered his name and was like hmm yeah, that was not symmetrical at all. Or am I being crazy and she’s just referring to the name Bajerden not being symmetrical? It’s just suspicious, because we know from Dalinar’s vision with Nohadon that Bajerden wasn’t his real name either. “That was lost in time”. So did Shallan’s mother know Nohadon’s real name, and mention it to Shallan in her philosophy teaching? Does the Way of Kings have something to do with all the weirdness going on in Shallan’s childhood? Were her parents interested in the book for the same reasons as Gavilar who was also messed up in Ghostblood, Herald, and Unmade stuff? Am I just seeing starspren?
  12. I really appreciate the discussion about class struggle, there's so much I could say. I do still have hope that Brandon can deal with these issues through Lift's perspective as a major character in the back five books! She is someone who also comes from the lower class, has had to deal with a lot of hardship and trauma that come with being a dark-eyed orphan, and in her own special way she has a real sensitivity to the struggles and voices of ordinary people. Edgedancer ideals are really themed around recognising oppression and listening to marginalised people so hopefully we will see an in depth exploration of these important issues there!
  13. Not Renarin or Riino! This character was known to keep an eye on things This character is in the process of changing This character was injured in the past This character was recently healed by investiture This character now keeps two eyes on things
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