White Sand and Aether of Night Forums Are Here

It has been a long time coming, but it is finally here. There will be some forums on Brandon's unpublished novels, where they can at last be discussed. In particular, we now have forums on the prose version of White Sand and Aether of Night. Additionally, we now have a forum that is just called White Sand, which will be the canonical graphic novel discussion board.

Thus far we at 17th Shard have needed to censor people posting info from unpublished works. This was for a number of reasons. First, these books are not canonical and so basing big theoretical discussion on them was unwise and misleading. More importantly, not everyone had access to these manuscripts, and we didn't want people spoiled about the contents of these books.

We will still be removing posts about the novel version of White Sand and Aether of Night in the general forum--spoiler tags will absolutely not suffice--but now they can be discussed in their respective, passworded forums.

We want to make sure people can only access these boards if they actually have these manuscripts, so a password was necessary. Finding the passwords is easy, if you have the manuscript! There will be a sentence that you should word search, and the password is a case-sensitive phrase that completes the sentence. For example, for Aether of Night, the sentence is "Still, it was only an explanation for her--not for the others who had _______________." Search the sentence without quotes and the phrase that completes it will allow you into the board, where you can talk about these books to your heart's content. The prose version of White Sand has a password in the same format.

Please do not distribute the passwords. Only people with these manuscripts will be allowed in. The passwords may be subject to change.

You can find the Aether of Night forum at the bottom of Cosmere Discussion, under Unpublished Works. The White Sand (Prose) forum, however, will be a subforum of the canonical, graphic novel White Sand forum. Because White Sand is being published, after a fashion, we need to discuss this unusual split.

The Split of the White Sand Forums

The initial intention was, of course, to have the White Sand (Prose) forum to be under Unpublished Works. But the first volume of the White Sand graphic novel is coming this summer, so we have made a board simply called "White Sand" to discuss that. The main White Sand board will only allow discussion of that canonical graphic novel.

This means we are going to have a rather strange split. Those who have the prose version of White Sand will read the graphic novel White Sand and want to compare the two. That volume of the graphic novel will just be one of three volumes that talk about the events of the novel White Sand. They beg to be compared. However, if you don't have the manuscript of White Sand, it would kind of suck for the ending to be spoiled if you just read the first installment of the graphic novel.

What we must do, then, is only allow discussion on the graphic novel in the main White Sand board. Any information that comes from the prose version of White Sand will not be allowed there (spoiler tags are not sufficient!). This means to compare the two versions, you will need to go into the passworded White Sand (Prose) forum.

I know this is going to be awkward, and maybe we wll come up with a better solution later, but this will do for now.

There may or may not be additional forums on other unpublished novels, but comparatively, a lot more people have these two manuscripts, so we thought it was appropriate to start here.

Happy discussion!


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Cookies are acting a little weird. I input the password for White Sand and that worked fine, but when I went to Aether of Night, it was acting like that was the field input for White Sand and vice versa. 


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