Introducing the Shardhunt!

I know you want a Steelhunt code. I want one too! And, well, to make sure everyone in this wonderful community of ours gets on (so that we can stop trying to police the topics) we were able to get a code from Team Sanderson.

Oh yeah, and it's an unused code. So the first person to find it gets to claim that glory too.

However, just giving you that code is not what they wanted us to do. Brandon wants these things to be a bit hidden. So, you get to do a scavenger hunt around the site (and parts of the site) to get your answer.

A couple of quick rules. First, do not BREATH a word about this to anyone outside of the site. If this code is used too much it will be shut down. Also, keep it fair. No just giving the code away to anyone.

Really though, you just want to see the good. To do so, you'll need to make sure you stay on TOP of the news, from anywhere.

EDIT: As the Latest News has been updated, the link for the Shardhunt can be found here at


User Feedback

alright, where do we go for hints to this... (the first page mentioned an area to go if we get lost or confused)   I'm on hint 4, but its not the '4' looking hint that I've found already...


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I just barely got it.  Took a couple hours!  So I'm not sure what kind of hint you need, but what helped me was understanding that the hint leads you to a certain page on the site where the word is located.


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