The results are in for the 17th Shard Staff Review!

Two weeks ago, we started an anonymous poll where we asked you, the users, to judge us, the mods! Now that two weeks have passed, we have pored over the results to discover the answers to what are clearly the most pressing questions we could have - who's the people's favourite moderator? Who's the most terrifying? And what did anonymous user #78 have for breakfast the day they filled out the poll? (it was a turkey sandwich, apparently)

All in all, 146 users have given us their answers over the course of fourteen days that the poll was up - assuming we didn't have anyone answering the poll multiple times. Two people have decided to leave their polls blank for some reason, so: here are 17th Shard's opinions on the staff as represented by 144 people.

Quality of moderation on the Shard

The first three questions were focused on general opinion on the staff: in short, are we doing a good job? Well, in your opinion, it seems that we are!

Question 1 - Well-Moderated.png

A 1 here meant we were doing terribly; a 5 meant very good. Almost 70% of you gave us the top marks when it comes to general moderation on the Shard, while no-one said we're horrible at it - nice! There were, of course, responders who believe we could do a better job of it - this is valuable for us to know and we will work to improve and hopefully raise these responses in the next poll!

Question 2 - mod harshness.png

In this question, indicated that the mods are too harsh; 9, that we are too lax. As perhaps could've been expected, it seems you find us to be on the harsher side of things; only twelve people answered on the lax side of the poll, while almost half believe we have attained the happy middle ground.

Question 3 - Mod Approachability.png

Here, 1 indicated that the mods are too scary to approach, while 5 meant that you felt you could be casual with the mods. It seems like almost a quarter of you are at least somewhat wary of mod interactions, which is probably tied to the prior result naming us somewhat harsh. This is something we can improve on in the future.

The People's Mod and the Scariest Mod

The next two questions were mostly fuelled by our curiosity: who do you think is the most approachable mod? Who do you find the scariest to talk to? When it comes to question number 1, the race for the top rank was close, but the results were clear: 

Question 4 - Most Approachable Mods (sorted).png

in Excel, because Google Forms wouldn't let me sort the answers

The People's Mod award goes to Ene! Rasarr (it is I!) comes in second place (thank you, thank you), while trailing close behind are Argent, Overlord Jebus and LadyLameness.

While the race for the most approachable mod was somewhat close, especially in the first few days, you folks never hesitated when it came to the scariest one.

Question 5 - Scariest Mods (sorted).png

Yep! The Scariest Mod award goes to Chaos by a landslide. No less than 53% of the responders found him to be the most fearsome; the next mods (Argent, Grey, LadyLameness and Ene) trail far, far behind.

Conversely, the Least Scary Mod award goes to Paleo, Mestiv and FelCandy, whom no responder found scary. I would also like to shout out the anon who found Argent to be both the most scary and the most approachable of the mods, and another anon who thought the same of Chaos. I do not understand how this works, but I respect you.

Preferred ways of contacting the mods

Our next question concerned itself with how you would go about contacting the mods, and I'm happy to see that most of you would not shy away from contacting us in some way, should the need arise.

Question 6 - Mod Contact Methods (adjusted).png

Only 7 of you found us too fearsome to summon (I must wonder if it's the same 7 who found us too scary, though I admit I did not look into that). I will say, there is nothing to fear! If you have any issue with something happening on the forums or on the Discord server, do not hesitate to contact us! If you don't want to speak to the specific mods directly, the forum's report and Discord's @Staff ping will summon any mod currently online, and we will absolutely not begrudge you for using it. 

The open questions

Questions 7 and 8 were open text fields, letting you folks tell us what you think in plain English. We will not be inserting a full list of them here - first of all, it doesn't graph well, second, some of those answers might be used to guess who the speaker was. 

For question 7 ("Is there something you particularly like or dislike about 17th Shard's moderation, or think we could do better?"), the answers were roughly half praise and critique. While the former was very nice to hear, the latter in particular is extremely useful to us; we will strive to improve on the points you have raised.

Question 8 was a bit more freeform ("Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?"), and so were the answers. The bulk of it was outpouring of love and affection for the mods, which we are very grateful for, as it feeds our egos quite well indeed. There were several more serious issues raised, and we will be looking at them in the future.

There were also comments of other nature, such as:

  • culinary advice (I'm not a fan of pickles myself, but I'm sure someone will make use of it)
  • "Today I had a good day" (good to hear! Hopefully, you had more good days since)
  • "Hi" (and hello to you as well!)
  • "I used to be addicted to soap, but I'm clean now." (good for you, buddy, good for you)
  • A picture of a cat (aww)

There was also an assumption that we are all beta readers, which I feel needs to be clarified: no. At least half of us (myself included) are not part of Brandon's writing process - and the part of the staff that are beta or gamma readers are absolutely forbidden from telling us anything. We do not have any knowledge you don't have.

The Shard's Favourite Mod

Now that I've talked your ear off, let's get to the real question, and the one that inspired this poll in the first place: who is the Shard's favourite staff member?

The answer is clear: you have no idea.

Question 9 - Favourite Mod (sorted).png

On a less facetious note, ignoring the "all or none" answers, the Favourite Mod crown goes to Argent! In the second place we have Ene, while the third is shared between Rasarr and Chaos, followed by Lady Lameness.

So, there you have it - a look into the minds of the Shard members. I would like to sincerely thank everyone who responded, and doubly so the people who praised and critiqued us. Knowing what you feel we're doing right and wrong is extremely helpful, and we promise we will try to learn from what you've told us. 

And if you've missed the poll, or feel like we should need more data - do not worry. We definitely intend to run it again in the future, both to see if we're improving and to hear more of your honest thoughts.


Edited by Rasarr


User Feedback

I love the openness and transparency with the data!



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Argent wins because he talks a lot and commissions some amazing art. Also keeps us on track, which is good for people like me who wander a lot in conversation. Thanks to all y'all for maintaining this forum and associated Discord server.


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This makes me laugh so much. I love this community. 


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Posted (edited)

Fadran, I think I am clearly the best choice for moderator:lol:

Edited by Chinkoln

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I think we're good on mods right now - sorry Fadran :P 

We don't want to add you so you don't win all the polls, obviously.

Also, thank you to everyone who finds me approachable - I hope I can continue being that in the future!! 


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Given that by my data the community seems to think Theorists are scarrier than mods, I wonder how the scarriest individual on the shard would turn out.

Likely still Chaos, but after that...


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