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Welcome to Reveals in Stained Glass, our Secrets in Stained Glass talkback show, where we discuss all sorts of SiSG things now that the show has concluded! We discuss all sorts of behind-the-scenes stuff, like character creation and more, as well as some new secrets! And of course complaining to Matt that he's too good at this.

It's time for another Secrets in Stained Glass story! This is an Eliane and Dier story, set before the main series. We hope you enjoy! You can see all Secrets in Stained Glass content in our tag, and our last bit of main content will be an over three hour long video of some of the cast discussing Secrets in Stained Glass on Sunday, September 3rd, and on September 9th, we will have a Q&A stream!

For a PDF version of this story, click here

SpanReads, our reread show, returns! For 2023, in anticipation for Defiant's release, we are doing the Skyward series! We're doing three episodes on each book, and this one is Reactions & Retrospectives. Importantly, unlike our cosmere SpanReads, we need to compare with the rest of the series, so this does have full Skyward series spoilers, excluding Defiant, of course, because it isn't out yet. So, what did we think of Skyward on a reread? Stay tuned to find out.

Diceborn: Secrets in Stained Glass is finally complete, and today we're bringing some final assets from the show to you: the show soundtrack and the full post-advancement character sheets for our cast and key NPCs!

Be warned, there are MAJOR spoilers for Diceborn: Secrets in Stained Glass under the cut, click with caution!

Episode 4 released on Sunday, and we have just one more episode, which airs August 20th at 10am Pacific. Until then, though, we will have three more pieces of story content before the finale. This one is a Jenna story, covering a key moment in her past which you may have wondered about from the show. This is the longest story, and we hope you enjoy! Major Spoilers for Episode 3 of Secrets in Stained Glass are below; definitely go watch that first. You don't need to have watched Episode 4, however!

If you missed some of our other stories, check out our Secrets in Stained Glass tag. For a PDF version of the story, click here!

Content Warnings: Graphic depictions and glorification of violence, swearing, suggestive content, description of a hanging, physical threats by a romantic partner, brief description of someone being on fire.


1009 FE: Six months after the Elariel manor fire

Jenna Tekiel, heir of House Tekiel, prowled through the slums of Luthadel.


A couple of pieces of news for you today, loyal fans. First, a few of the extremely limited signed & numbered editions of Yumi and the Nightmare Painter and The Frugal Wizard's Handbook for Surviving Medieval England are now available. You have a couple of ways to snag a copy, but the deadline for this batch is Friday, August 11, 11:55 PM US Mountain Time, so you are going to have to act quickly! There are 3 copies of each up for grabs this round (out of a total of 50), so there will be more opportunities in the future.

Also, Brotherwise Games (the game company behind Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive and the upcoming Stormlight RPG) will be working on a deckbuilding game, also planned for 2024. 

Details after the break.

Welcome back to Diceborn: Secrets in Stained Glass, our Mistborn Era 1 miniseries! In this episode, tensions in the party come to a head after the unexpected attack. Jenna takes charge in a crisis, Eliane does her best against the impossible, Sylvain's patience reaches its limit, and Dier has some explaining to do. Fate hangs in the balance as Maevis makes the roll of her life.

Also, wait... has anyone seen Lucius?

We have yet more Secrets in Stained Glass content before Episode 4 premieres on August 6th! First up, for our Patreon backers, we have a new round of GM notes for session 2 and 3 as well as some NPC bios! But for our main event, we have another story. This second one covers a moment where everything changes in the backstory of Eliane Venture. It follows the story that came out last Wednesday about Dier. You can see all Secrets in Stained Glass content in our tagSpoilers for Secrets in Stained Glass Episode 3 are below. For a PDF version of the story, click here!

Content Warnings: abusive treatment, character death 


1010 FE: Three weeks before the Elariel Lakeside Solstice Party

Eliane could hear the shouting coming from her father’s study. Dier’s and Renholm’s words were clear, even though she was several rooms away. It was their age-old argument: Renholm berating Dier for not trying hard enough, and Dier deliberately provoking their father by not caring. Dier wasn’t actually shouting loud enough for her to make out his words, but by now Eliane knew his part by memory.

At first, she just kept on reading. 


Brandon's back on Shardcast! In this episode we discuss all sorts of spoiler questions from The Lost Metal, Tress of the Emerald Sea, and Yumi and the Nightmare Painter, and other cosmere questions. Brandon is awesome as always and we really thank him for his time here! Enjoy, there are some very interesting new things here, like a title for Era 3 and... more dragons than you would expect.

In between episodes of Secrets in Stained Glass, we will have a variety of stories coming your way! This first one covers a key moment in the backstory of Dier Venture, and another comes next Wednesday, August 2nd, about his sister Eliane. You can see all Secrets in Stained Glass content in our tagSpoilers for Secrets in Stained Glass Episode 3 are below. For a PDF version of the story, click here!

Content Warnings: Brief depiction of violence, character death, abusive treatment


1010 FE: Three weeks before the Elariel Lakeside Solstice Party

The old man was in one of his moods again.

Dier wasn’t exactly surprised. Certainly didn’t take much these days to set his father off. Renholm Venture had become steadily more ill-humored and foul-tempered since cousin Straff took over the house and started subjecting him to the indignity of having a man twenty years his junior pulling rank to make him behave.

And he’d never been anything resembling a pleasant person to begin with.


The latest episode of Secrets in Stained Glass, "Race to the Bottom" is now out, and with it, we're posting a few of the visual assets that have been used in the show so far for those who want to take a closer look, or for our audio listeners who haven't gotten to see them! Below the cut, you can find the on-screen character sheets for our main cast as of Episode 3, now that all their traits have been revealed, featuring the gorgeous character portraits drawn by Elisgardor! We have the full version of that stunning feature illustration of a very key moment in the latest episode, done by the amazing Diego Lopez. If you've finished the episode, click through to see more!


We interrupt your regularly scheduled gay programming to deliver you a-- hmm, there sure are a lot of rainbows in this piece too... but that can't be right, this is coming from May, not June... Well, Endowment works in mysterious ways, so we'll work with what we've got.
Spoilers for the ending of Warbreaker!

Well, we've run out of Pride (the month) but not out of pride (for the wonderful artists in this fandom), so let's see what Santa has in store for us this time, shall we?

(but first, a quick informative copy-paste from an earlier post)
Those of you who follow us on Twitter may have seen that we put out a tweet looking for queer fanartists to take a stab at this round of Pride commissions, so first of all, if you are looking for some more artists to follow and support, there's several in that tweet's replies, go take a look! (There's also a considerable number of fake accounts who steal other people's art, so if blocking or reporting accounts is something that sounds like fun to you, there's some of that too!)

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