Secrets in Stained Glass Ep 4 Assets and Challenge Mechanics, Plus Art Backgrounds

With the release of Secrets in Stained Glass episode 4, we are posting some of the visual assets and some other material for this episode. We are also posting the fantastic art backgrounds by Connor Chamberlain that have been in the episodes!

There are big spoilers for episode 4 below, so beware!




Main Visual Asset for Episode 4

Again, big spoilers for the episode, so go look at this after you've seen it in episode! 


It's Maevis's personal murderboard! The original draft of this was drawn by our Narrator, Matt, and then recreated (multiple times, actually) digitally by Veronica! As players, I can tell you we spent a lot of time looking at it as well, so here's the full version!



Challenge Rules

Next up in episode 4 there is an extended series of rolls that the players can influence. All of this is explained in episode, but if you want to look at what the players received, here it is: DICEBORN__SiSG_-_Special_Challenge_Mechanics-1.pdf


Art Backgrounds

Lastly, here are the magnificent art backgrounds by Connor Chamberlain (@conjchamberlain) that you've seen! I personally love all the detail in them, but especially the incredible stained glass. He really knocked it out of the park with these!






What's coming next? In between episode 4 and 5 there will be three Secrets in Stained Glass written works, including a Jenna story. The current plan is to drop one Wednesday, August 9th, the second Tuesday, August 15th, and the last one Friday, August 18th. Keep up with all the Secrets in Stained Glass content in our tag!

Then, on August 20th, there is episode 5, which is this miniseries's finale! 


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