Secrets in Stained Glass: Soundtrack and Character Sheets [SPOILERS!]

Diceborn: Secrets in Stained Glass is finally complete, and today we're bringing some final assets from the show to you: the show soundtrack and the full post-advancement character sheets for our cast and key NPCs!

Be warned, there are MAJOR spoilers for Diceborn: Secrets in Stained Glass under the cut, click with caution!

First up, if you liked the background music in the episodes, or had a specific moment with a track you wanted to find, you're in luck! An official list of all the tracks used in the show and the moments they go with can be found here: DB: Secrets in Stained Glass - OST Guide. Careful that the related scene descriptions contain spoilers!

A full playlist of the OST tracks can also be found on Spotify!

Finally, we've got the fully revealed, final character sheets. After episode 3, our cast went through a round of advancements, which means some traits were added, some traits were swapped out, and some stats were improved!  Additionally, for the first time, we are sharing the character sheets for our key NPCs, Maevis and Addison. In case the previous spoiler warnings had not deterred you, our characters do have major secrets included in the sheets below. Highly recommend having finished the show before opening these!

Player Characters (Post-Advancements)


Eliane Character Sheet v2 ADV.png

Sylvain Character Sheet v2 ADV.png

Lucius Character Sheet v2 ADV.png

Dier Character Sheet v2 ADV.png

Jenna Character Sheet v2 ADV.png

NPC Sheets


Maevis Character Sheet.png

Addison Character Sheet.png

Addison (Mare) Character Sheet.png


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