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September 2023 Art Commission


It's been a little bit of a radio silence here as we work on a couple of commissions (your July and August pieces are still coming, just... slowly), but we come with a peace offering - a Yumi piece!
If you've been keeping up with the Cosmere fanart scene from the last several months, you will likely have run into our September artist, Gar Leyva (available in places like "Twitter" and Instagram). He's been an absolute powerhouse when it comes to fanart, sporting dozens of pieces, all gorgeous, versatile. From this Tress landscape, to this Virtuosity portrait, to Wax and Marasi as Barbenhaimer, browsing his portfolio is an absolute delight. And today we add to this portfolio - with this stunning illustration of Design reading Yumi's Spiritual Connection (with a little creative license, because it's way more fun to have Design hold the Connection than to feed it into a fabrial). Enjoy!
A vibrant digital illustration of Design, in her human form, and Yumi, both in Design's noodle shop. Design appears as a gorgeous woman with white hair tied in a bun and held in place by pins that resemble a Cryptic's spiral pattern. She is dressed in a loose-fitting light purple kimono, with noodle bowl necklace visible under it, also purple, and purple lipstick and nail polish. She stands close to Yumi and holds and inspects a strand of a clearly magical energy that twists and coils but is clearly connected to Yumi - her Spiritual Connection. Yumi, dressed in a simple blue dress, stands there looking very young and a little sheepish, confused, and skittish. A flower hairpin is the only ornamentation in her long black hair. The entire scene is set to Design's noodle shop, with stacks of empty bowls, paper lamps, and a neon-like sign in the shape of a bowl full of noodles all visible but a little blurry in the background.
(Also, it's October in a couple of days, which means 1) we'll be doing a horror-themed commission once again, but also 2) Inktober is about to start, but also also 3) Secret Project 4 comes out. Gonna be a busy month...)

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