June 2023 Art Commission (4/4)

It has been a little bit of time since we had a piece of fanart to show you, but it's time to wrap up this series of June commissions and make way for some new ones.

This final artwork is, obviously, Jasnah who is now queer not just in our hearts, but in canon as well, after Rhythm of War told us, in no uncertain terms, that she is asexual - a reveal that didn't catch too many people off-guard, but resonated quite soundly with some fans. Namely, the artist of this piece, Palomaloid. If you spend some time with this illustration (or read the image description), you might notice a few intentional symbolic touches that address elements in Jasnah and Wit's relationship and just general state of mind. The one you get for free is the color theme of the illustration matching the colors of the ace flag :)


A digital illustration of a tender moment between Jasnah and Wit in a study. Jasnah is sitting by a desk, dressed in a comfortable night gown, hair still made, an open book in her freehand - but she is facing away from it, looking at Wit, who is now resting on one knee to match her height. He is dressed in his immaculate black Alethi uniform, with a rapier on his waist. His arm is portrayed mid-gesture, and looks like it rests over Jasnah's heart, while Jasnah's naked safehand is caressing his face, eyes locked with his. Subtle visual clues suggest that the two are not on the same page in this relationship. The solitary spherelamp on the desk illuminates Jasnah's book and the two faces - the parts associated with the mind - but Wit's hand reaching for Jasnah's heart, the representation of the physical aspect of the relationship, is cast in shadow. The lamp also paints the illustration in the colors of the asexual flag, keeping Jasnah in bright purples and Wit in muted blacks and greys.

Edited by Argent


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