Secrets in Stained Glass Talkback: Reveals in Stained Glass!

Welcome to Reveals in Stained Glass, our Secrets in Stained Glass talkback show, where we discuss all sorts of SiSG things now that the show has concluded! We discuss all sorts of behind-the-scenes stuff, like character creation and more, as well as some new secrets! And of course complaining to Matt that he's too good at this.

Today we have Matt (Comatose) our Narrator, and three players, Eric (Chaos), Alyx (FeatherWriter), and Verónica (Cheyenne Sedai).

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Character portraits and thumbnail art: Eli (
Backgrounds/Overlays: Connor (
Editing by: Eric (Chaos)

Mistborn is a creation of Brandon Sanderson, and a trademark of Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC. The Mistborn Adventure Game system is designed and licensed by Crafty Games. 

Diceborn is also available on audio:

00:00 A chaotic introduction
7:12 We're blabbing about stuff
14:34 Matt's inspirations 
28:16 Character creation & Eliane subbing in
1:05:08 The "Murder" 
1:20:28 Matt's knives, some epilogue thoughts 
1:56:36 Headphones off behind-the-scenes
2:25:49 Working theories, Mysteries
3:06:32 Matt's headcanons during the books
3:16 Final thoughts, favorites 

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