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Shardcast: Shards Changing Intents?? - Dragonsteel 2023 Words of Brandon Part 3


We're back with more WoBs, and this time it's the last of the Dragonsteel 2023 Words of Brandon. Today we have a grab bag of a bunch of random stuff, like kandra babies, stabbing Hoid with atium, Harmony lying, and the IDENTITY FIELD returns. 

This episode we have Ian (WeiryWriter), Evgeni (Argent), and Grace (thegatorgirl).

Our thumbnail today is a piece we commissioned from Ashley Coad (https://www.ashleycoadart.com/). By supporting our Patreon, you can vote on what art we commission every month! Here's this awesome piece: https://www.patreon.com/posts/december-2023-98742446

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Our Arcanum collection of the WoBs we discussed: https://wob.coppermind.net/collections/1239/


00:00 Introductions
4:37 Other forms of Investiture to Awaken stuff
11:06 Can people other than yoki-hijo negotiate with spirits?
16:28 How much knowledge does a new Vessel get?
26:20 Why did the Heralds think they needed to leave their Blades?
28:46 Vin's earring
30:47 Enhanced Leeching on a normal person
38:47 Why do only the Heralds have magical maladies?
44:36 Dawnshards and Splintered Shards
50:39 Kandra and human babies hybrids??
51:52 The Shroud and tin
56:03 Editorial changes from arcanist comments 
59:38 Was Harmony lying at the end of Lost Metal?
1:03:51 Holding Vessels in Hemalurgic spikes 
1:07:35 Shallan alter's shapeshifting 
1:09:28 Shades attacking non-Threnodites
1:12:19 Canticle's subastral
1:14:53 Was Yolen technologically advanced? 
1:18:16 Spiking atium into Hoid's chest
1:21:00 Aux and Nomad's bond is kind of flipped, can this happen to Adolin and Maya?
1:28:14 Who's That Cosmere Character

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I definitely think Aux and Nomad was hinting at something Adolin and Maya will achieve. Perhaps he won’t reserve oaths but it would be super cool to see Adolin use Maya in all the creative ways that Nomad did.

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