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Stormlight SpanReads Coming Every Thursday until Wind and Truth's Release, Starting With Warbreaker on June 27th


Excited for Wind and Truth and planning on a Stormlight reread? We are too, with our weekly SpanReads reread show returning Thursdays until the release, starting June 27th with Warbreaker! Then we continue with Way of Kings on July 25th. 

Each book will have four episodes: Reactions & Retrospectives, Characters & Relationships, Magic, and Cosmere Implications. Only the cosmere episode will have full series and full cosmere spoilers, so if you are reading these for the first time, you won't get spoiled in the first three episodes for later books! Edgedancer and Dawnshard, since they are shorter, will have just two episodes each. These will be both on our YouTube channel and our usual podcast feed.

Here's our release schedule:

June 27: Warbreaker - Reactions & Retrospective
July 4: Warbreaker - Characters & Relationships
July 11: Warbreaker - Magic
July 18: Warbreaker - Cosmere Implications
July 25: The Way of Kings - Reactions & Retrospective
August 1: The Way of Kings - Characters & Relationships
August 8: The Way of Kings - Magic
August 15: The Way of Kings - Cosmere Implications
August 22: Words of Radiance - Reactions & Retrospective
August 29: Words of Radiance - Characters & Relationships
September 5: Words of Radiance - Magic
September 12: Words of Radiance - Cosmere Implications
September 19: Edgedancer - Retrospective & Characters
September 26: Edgedancer - Magic & Cosmere Implications
October 3: Oathbringer - Reactions & Retrospective
October 10: Oathbringer - Characters & Relationships
October 17: Oathbringer - Magic
October 24: Oathbringer - Cosmere Implications
October 31: Dawnshard - Retrospective & Characters
November 7: Dawnshard - Magic & Cosmere Implications
November 14: Rhythm of War - Reactions & Retrospective
November 21: Rhythm of War - Characters & Relationships
November 28: Rhythm of War - Magic
December 5: Rhythm of War - Cosmere Implications

Note our our Stormlight episodes will not inherently include Warbreaker spoilers except in the cosmere episode, so if people haven't read Warbreaker, that's okay!

We hope to see you there!


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