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SpanReads: Warbreaker - Characters & Relationships


Next up on SpanReads, we talk about the many characters of Warbreaker, like Lightsong, Siri, Vivenna, and Vasher!

This episode we have Ian (Weiry), Mi'chelle (firstRainbowRose), Jessie (Lady Lameness), and Ene (AonEne). Spoiler policy in this episode is Warbreaker spoilers only.

Thumbnail is the UK cover of Warbreaker, by Sam Green: https://coppermind.net/wiki/File:Warbreaker_UK_cover.jpg

New SpanReads episodes every Thursday all the way until December! Our release schedule is:

June 27th - July 18th: Warbreaker
July 25th - August 15th: The Way of Kings
August 22nd - September 12th: Words of Radiance
September 19th - September 26th: Edgedancer
October 3rd - October 24th: Oathbringer
October 31st - November 7th: Dawnshard
November 14th - December 5th: Rhythm of War

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