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Shardcast: Wind and Truth and Find Out! - December 2023 Spoiler Stream Words of Brandon


Brandon held a spoiler livestream for Koloss Head Munching Day 2023 (his birthday). While a lot of questions are apparently going to be answered in book 5 of The Stormlight Archive, Wind and Truth, there still was plenty to talk about dragons, specific Mistborn Era 2 details, and Plato's allegory of the cave!

This episode we have Eric (Chaos), Evgeni (Argent), Shannon (Grey), Joshua (jofwu), and Ene (AonEne).

Our Arcanum collection of the WoBs we discussed: https://wob.coppermind.net/collections/1248/


00:00:00 Introductions
00:06:36 Valor's Vessel
00:11:04 Arcanum Unbounded Leatherbound
00:18:03 Stormlight Title Ketek
00:21:27 Stormlight 5 not Stones Unhallowed
00:22:18 Stormlight Scene that Brandon has always wanted to write
00:24:46 Shallan Futuresight? Spiritual Mumbo Jumbo!
00:30:33 Will we see Xisis again?
00:37:03 Can Harmony control people on other planets?
00:39:48 More books with Tress?
00:42:13 Szeth's Highspren
00:48:27 Nightstreet gang victim that Wax should investigate
00:53:40 Stormlight Back Half Prologues
01:01:57 Why did Taln not break?
01:07:32 Dragon Lifecycle
01:17:18 Gender-neutral bathroom on Malwish ship
01:22:59 Will we see dragons in action before Dragonsteel?
01:25:01 Spiritual Ideals vs Platonic Ideals
01:35:59 Moash's Black Uniform
01:41:53 Does Axies have a Torment?
01:48:26 Was Mare a kandra?
01:49:55 Nightblood's Creation
02:01:26 Who's that Cosmere Character?
02:12:56 Outro

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My guess about the dragons is that they’re “amphibian” meaning they start as non-fain (humanlike) in childhood, like tadpoles in water, and then grow up into fain dragon form like frogs coming up on land.

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