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    Shardcast: Trell

    By Jofwu, in Shardcast,

    On this episode of Shardcast, we have to finally talk about answers about Trell, which we at last got in The Lost Metal. No spoilers in the description, but if you've read the book, you know what this is about! Big Lost Metal spoilers immediately, and we talk about all sorts of arcane cosmere stuff too.

    The Lost Metal, the final Mistborn Era 2 book is out, and you know we have so many full book, spoilery reactions for you this episode of Shardcast! We start with a short spoiler-free section and then go into full spoilers, and it's full cosmere spoilers too! We have so much to say! Also, this has some swanky visual changes for you. It's the end of an era, but beginning of a new one! And don't worry, we barely touched on stuff here, but there is so much analysis still to come!

    Shardcast: Adolin and Maya

    By Chaos, in Shardcast,

    It's our last Rhythm of War topic for 2022, and our last Shardcast before The Lost Metal! It's Adolin and Maya, because we've never done a dedicated cast on Adolin even before RoW. We talk about Adolin and Sadeas, pronunciation, ADOLINBLADE, how amazing Adolin and Maya are, and whether Maya will be healed. Also featuring a ghostly pumpkin.

    The very last Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians book, Bastille vs. the Evil Librarians, is out and the series is finally done! This is co-written by Janci Patterson and Brandon Sanderson. It's been a long road since 2007 since these started, and we've never done an Alcatraz episode on the show just due to timing. So, what did we think of this conclusion? Stay tuned to find out.

    Splintercast: Cradle

    By Paleo, in Shardcast,

    In this inaugural episode of Splintercast (or is it a revival?), we take a look at the Cradle series by Will Wight! As you're used to from Shardcast, there's lots to talk about. Splintercast is a new spin-off series where we discuss media outside Brandon's works and the cosmere. New episodes will come out sporadically, don't expect this to become a regular thing!

    It's time for Words of Brandon on the June 2022 spoiler stream! This part one of two, so stay tuned next week for movie things. In this episode, we discuss some insane things about silver, Nightblood stomach mechanics, the return of asterisk, and... flavors of Investiture? Like what they all taste like, not a Spiritual thing. WoB episodes are wild.

    It's time for an episode we recorded ages ago, long before we even got the blurb for this book: Lost Metal Predictions! The final Wax and Wayne book is finally coming November. Here are our predictions and hopes for the book! Also, so so many mechanical tangents. What can we say, we are excited to talk Mistborn and the mysteries on Scadrial.

    Our time with the Secret Projects is coming to a close for now, but we've got one last set of WoBs from Brandon's spoiler stream, all about Secret Project #4 and its implications for the wider Cosmere! Next week, it's finally coming: our reactions to Brandon's surprise reveal of the prologue to Stormlight Archive 5. 

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