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    Shardcast: Moash

    By Chaos, in Shardcast,

    This week on Shardcast, we're talking about everyone's favorite character: Moash. Has any other character inspired such emotion throughout the fandom as that wayward-est member of Bridge Four? We're taking a deep dive into Moash's character, with plenty of hot takes on what role he serves in the narrative, where we think he might go after Rhythm of War (RoW spoiler warning!), the most important question: Should Moash be redeemed, or should he die very horribly in a very hot fire? Stay tuned to find out. 

    Hey everyone! The Shardcast gang will be doing another stream on our YouTube channel on Sunday, March 21st, at 10am Pacific. We'll answer questions and interact with you in chat, so we hope to see you there! Of course, if you can't make it, the VOD will be on YouTube as well. It's been pretty fun streaming and talking with you all so far!

    Last time, we talked about the Rhythm of War Part One epigraphs and the fabrials details there (which you can check out here: https://youtu.be/96lCEbKyiSA ). This time we are going deep into the new things we've learned in Dawnshard and Rhythm of War, and boy. There is a lot. We get solidly into the weeds here on mechanics, aluminum, and the ancient fabrials.

    It's time for our second Rhythm of War Words of Brandon episode, this time with some Dawnshard stuff too! As always on these, there can be cosmere spoilers too. Also, we are weirdly efficient and this episode is shockingly short. What is this madness? Don't worry, you get some total nonsense on Cusicesh at the end.

    Welcome to a brand-new year, and a brand-new Shardcast! Many of you have requested this Sixth of the Dusk 2 reading that Brandon read at the Rhythm of War release party, which you can find here. So it's time to get that done now that we finished our initial set of Rhythm of War topics, and oh boy, this one is exciting! Please be warned there are Rhythm of War things in this episode, and if you don't want spoilers for the space age cosmere, pass on this episode!

    I am very, very excited to show off this episode, Ba-Ado-Mishram and the Recreance. Rhythm of War spoilers here. We talk about a lot of the new stuff here, and go through a Recreance timeline here. And so so much more. You guys said you wanted Who's That Cosmere Character, so there you go, this is our longest podcast yet! 

    Shardcast: Lights

    By Chaos, in Shardcast,

    This week's episode is on the Lights of Roshar. Spoilers for Rhythm of War and the cosmere (but not Dawnshard) in this one! Here Evgeni really makes up for not being on the last two episodes by blabbing a bunch, but it is all excellent. This is the good stuff. Even in this episode it feels like we still don't go super in-depth. There's so much to talk about in Rhythm of War! 

    This episode of Shardcast has a special guest: Daniel Greene! He runs an excellent YouTube channel with fantasy news, reviews, and sometimes some fun skits. We're chatting with him about fantasy in general, the cosmere, and Rhythm of War! There are some cosmere spoilers in this one, and we blab about Rhythm of War from 30:16 to about 1:25:09. You can just skip them using the chapters below if you prefer. And go check out his channel if you want content shorter than two hours!

    You thought we were done talking about Rhythm of War? Not even close. This time we have a different cast and we talk about all sorts of things that we didn't talk about in our first Rhythms of War Reactions cast. The book is so big we still probably didn't touch everything, though. But don't you worry: our deep dive podcasts will begin next Saturday, and we have so very many topics to get through.

    Welcome to one of TWO of our full spoilers Rhythm of War reaction podcasts. Our second one will likely be coming Sunday as well with the rest of the Shardcasters, so if you are thinking, "Man, my favorite Shardcasters aren't here," well, you'll be set very soon! There's so so much to talk about, and even given this podcast's length, it feels like we have barely said anything here. There will be so many podcast topics, that's for sure!

    Rhythm of War is OUT! We hope you've been enjoying it. This is our first Rhythm of War Shardcast, and it does NOT have full book spoilers, just through Part Two. Honestly, we don't really talk about anything other than the Part Two epigraphs, so as long as you've read those, you are ready for this! Please no full book spoilers in the comments! And if you've read the book, well, you know why we are talking about this first.

    Shardcast: The Dawnshards

    By Chaos, in Shardcast,

    It's our second Dawnshard episode (and our last Shardcast before Rhythm of War), and this one is pedantic! We're getting to... well, the big thing we didn't talk about in the last one. There's so much to discuss here. And here's a great line from this episode: "I guess we are going off different definitions of the word 'action' here." Excellent. Grace also blows Eric's mind at one point.

    Shardcast: Dawnshard Reactions

    By Chaos, in Shardcast,

    Dawnshard is out! If you're a Kickstarter backer, you already got it through Backerkit. You can also get it through Amazon, and will likely appear in other ebook stores soon if they haven't already. We have TWO Dawnshard podcasts coming this week, and this is our first one, on our spoiler-free Dawnshard reactions, characters, and some lore topics. Of course, the big lore topic will be the next one, which I will try to get out as soon as I can. Please support us on Patreon to fund the soda I need to get through editing this huge pile of stuff this month.

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