Shardcast: Stoneshaping & Ancient Dawnsingers

This episode of Shardcast, we're talking about the Venli chapters where she's Stoneshaping in Rhythm of War, the implications of the ancient past, and Ars Arcanum info! This is quite a spicy one here, as always happens when we talk about the pre-First Desolation time.

We have Eric (Chaos), David (Windrunner), Evgeni (Argent), and Marvin (Paleo)!

Thumbnail art is Venli on the Polish hardcover of Rhythm of War, by Dominik Broniek:

00:00 Introductions and Show & Tell
5:39 Stoneshaping and Cohesion
19:50 Ars Arcanum Info
46:47 Deepest Ones
53:09 Talking with Stones, Ancient Dawnsingers
1:31:28 Spren of Stones
1:54:10 Who's That Cosmere Character

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