Shardcast: Odium Double-Crossing Autonomy!? Late 2021 WoBs Part 1

We haven't done Words of Brandon since July, and there's been a quite a lot to cover! This episode covers some random events, but also FanX in September and November's Dragonsteel Mini-Con. There's spicy stuff here: aethers, dragons, Lost Metal hints, Ian completely despairing... Enjoy! 

Next weekend we'll have part two where we primarily cover December's spoiler stream.

This episode has Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Evgeni (Argent), and Kadie (AonEne)!

Words of Brandon we talk about this episode:
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I still think the We in “We Killed You” is Rayse & Odium given what we learned in RoW. We see the power trying to break free from Rayse with the light moving inside him, Harmony says the shard isn’t controlled well and has developed its own mind. The Power talks to Taravangian after Rayse died. There two minds at work. 

With the Small Emerald that said they foresaw this I think Truthwatchers could occasionally see the future and that’s why they were so secretive about what they can do. Seeing the future is of the enemy according to lore and cultural superstition so they had to hide what they could occasionally do.


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Nice. They are discussing the question that I asked. That makes me happy.


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Theopolis' voice in the audiobook is really notable! Kate Reading did such a good job on all the voices in Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell


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