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Shardcast: Silver Killing Spren!? June 2022 Spoiler Stream WoBs P1


It's time for Words of Brandon on the June 2022 spoiler stream! This part one of two, so stay tuned next week for movie things. In this episode, we discuss some insane things about silver, Nightblood stomach mechanics, the return of asterisk, and... flavors of Investiture? Like what they all taste like, not a Spiritual thing. WoB episodes are wild.

This episode we have Eric (Chaos), Evgeni (Argent), Jessie (Lady Lameness), and Veronica (Cheyenne Sedai)!

Link to spoiler stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVJmMW3UUrg
King's Wild Project Mistborn cards: https://kingswildproject.com/collections/mistborn
Dragonsteel Prime sample chapters: https://www.brandonsanderson.com/dragonsteel-prime-chapter-25-bridge-four-1/


00:00 Introductions and Show & Tell
9:32 Is Nazh embedding in the Stonewards?
11:44 Deadeyes in Shadesmar
16:23 Hoid collecting every Investiture granting special effects
20:16 A Herald's spren on Braize
24:57 Is Shallan's mom a Herald?
32:00 Why do Cryptics have a bad reputation among spren?
37:28 Why isn't Demoux a Ghostblood?
41:30 Will we see the Seventeenth Shard soon?
42:05 Was Adhesion not on Ashyn?
44:34 Did Odium have a lasting effect on Nightblood?
47:50 Why didn't Gavilar recognize Szeth's Honorblade?
49:14 The person who tried to convert Jasnah
50:46 The return of Honor's Purposes!
55:50 Are Cryptics humming to the Rhythms like singers?
57:49 Could primer cubes store powers other than Scadrian ones?
1:01:13 If a planet has no sentient life, does it have a Cognitive representation? 
1:04:57 Is Soulcast stone easier to Awaken?
1:07:22 Investiture flavors
1:11:44 Silver could kill spren??
1:20:56 Frost "now essentially immortal"
1:25:20 Other Dawnshards
1:28:20 Elend and Marsh, champions?
1:30:39 Mathematical relationship between Investiture and energy/matter / Arcanists
1:33:35 Offworlders using medallions
1:37:52 Kelsier's Radiant Order
1:41:00 Renarin's aths 
1:42:15 Bondsmith Blades
1:44:05 Did Shallan break her oaths differently than the Recreance?
1:47:27 God King children and Heralds
1:48:38 Have we seen the spreading fainlife?
1:52:44 Weird vibes from Stormfather in SA5 prologue
1:56:11 Who's That Cosmere Character

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Honor investiture tastes like medicine.

On Brandon's answer to the Stormfather SA5 prologue question I don't take it as confirmation of anything other than that Brandon deliberately wrote him to be different from how we've seen him act. He didn't accidently write him with a very personality on accident. Whether this is another aspect of the entity, like the Tanavast cognitive shadow, or something else I don't think we can say. 

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Autonomy is like Bertie-Bott's Every Flavoured Beans.

Ambition is like... Cinnamon, a la Cinnamon Hearts. Sounds like it could be great, but gets real overpowering and doesn't work out in the end. A little bit goes a long way, as well.

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Crackpot theory: Lift is the Dawnshard, and that's why she exists partially in the Cognitive Realm (and hates bacon). She's naturally opposed to violence, and her wish to stay the same could be granted if her soul stays the same after being changed by holding a Dawnshard. Maybe the affects aren't as extreme as they were on Hoid since I think Lift is still able to eat meat, but it'd be a fun way to look back and say "so THAT'S why Lift is the way she is!" 

Granted, I like the theory that she's going to be Cultivation's heir better, and her being a Dawnshard would go against her having a Nahel Bond as per the warning Rysn got. But who knows. 

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My questions after this episode. 

Did Nightblood have any affect on Odium? Can they eat enough to have made a difference in Odium’s level of investiture compared to another Shard? Like how Ruin wasn’t at full strength without his body. 

And thoughts about Shallan breaking her oaths differently. Or how Brandon answered. It has been theorized that the capturing of Ba-Ado-Mishram is what led to dead eye spren and that broken oaths prior to that didn’t cause as much damage. I wonder if there were other radiants early on in their oaths who decided like Shallan to back out and be done. That probably didn’t happen often. But it’s also not outside of the realm of possibility that someone didn’t like what they had gotten themselves into and essentially quit. And this might not have come up as much because it didn’t affect the spren like it does now. 

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Posted (edited)

Just wanted to point out that the Chana Davar post predates the Taln Never Broke WOB. The theory actually started as a way of explaining what the Glowing Light in the safe might be, and then everything else pulled together around that key thread. It’s the safe, not Taln, that was the key detail there.  The Taln quote certainly helped grant legitimacy because the Chana theory also posited that it was nearly impossibly for Taln to have broken in the first place  

The theory predicted that Taln could not have broken because what could even break an insensate lunatic after 1000s of years of torture? A ticklish spot? It just didn’t make sense that suddenly the Fused found a weakness after so long. 

Hope the glowing light from the safe gets explained in book 5! That was the key data point of the theory and I can’t wait to see what was really placed into that safe! 

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Mason Wheeler

Posted (edited)

WRT the "Brandon is trolling people about the Stormfather" bit, I think it will likely be explained somewhere in the book itself.

When Words of Radiance came out, I got the book in the morning and went to a signing event that evening.  I spent the whole day reading through it and got a fair ways in, but didn't finish it.  When I was there, I asked Brandon, "there's a guy in here, I don't remember what he's called but I'll just call him Inspector Javert.  Goes around killing people using their crimes as an excuse."

"OK, that guy.  I know who you mean."

"Well, in the first book, you've confirmed that the woman destroying artwork -- perverting beauty -- is the Herald of Beauty, Shallash.  This guy perverting justice, is that Nalan, the Herald of Justice?"

He just smiled and said that's an interesting theory.

Edited by Mason Wheeler

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