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    So much happened in The Sunlit Man, that... well, we needed a second lore episodes discussing all of it. And here it is! In this one, we talk about the what's going on with Aux, how you get from Threnody to Canticle, and how some of Canticle's crazy invested geography really works. Also, we start out with a round of shots, so you know it's all going to go downhill from there.

    So much happened in The Sunlit Man, that we recorded two lore episodes discussing all of it, and honestly, we probably could have done more. In this one, we talk about the Charred, sunhearts, Nomad's abilities, and the Torment. But really, this episode is maybe the most off-the-rails and unhinged we have ever been, while also being the most in-depth lore-wise ever. Get your bingo cards. We open with "Can the Charred talk?" and it goes from there. 

    Brandon's back on Shardcast! In this episode we discuss all sorts of spoiler questions from The Lost Metal, Tress of the Emerald Sea, and Yumi and the Nightmare Painter, and other cosmere questions. Brandon is awesome as always and we really thank him for his time here! Enjoy, there are some very interesting new things here, like a title for Era 3 and... more dragons than you would expect.

    The White Sand Omnibus is here, and so it's time for another episode of Shardcast where we go into extensive detail on things. There's character stuff, lore stuff, talking about the Indiegogo failure, as well as astrophysics and complex cosmere stuff. Oh, and infesting sand! This is a very weird and extremely nerdy episode, even for us.

    Shardcast: Aethers

    By Chaos, in Shardcast,

    It's time we talk about aethers, the last big cosmere magic system! Or is this actually an MCU podcast? A Pinnochio podcast? Maybe it's an ecology and physics podcast. Surprise, it's red spikes all the way down. This episode is both very on the rails and also totally not.

    Shardcast: Moonlight's Mentor

    By Chaos, in Shardcast,

    It's our longest episode ever! If you've read Lost Metal, you know what this episode is about, and there's so so much to discuss. In fact, believe it or not, we probably easily could have talked for two more hours at least on it. In this one, Alyx is a mind-reader and says Realmatic things! We also get talking about the Fused.

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