Shardcast: More WoBs on Secret Project 4!

Our time with the Secret Projects is coming to a close for now, but we've got one last set of WoBs from Brandon's spoiler stream, all about Secret Project #4 and its implications for the wider Cosmere! Next week, it's finally coming: our reactions to Brandon's surprise reveal of the prologue to Stormlight Archive 5. 

Spoilers for all published Cosmere works, nothing is safe. 

This episode's cast is Eric (Chaos), Alyx (Feather), David (Windrunner), Marvin (Paleo), Veronica (Cheyenne), and Ala (Rasarr).

Secret Project 4 reading:

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0:00:00 Intro
0:05:25 1. Are Night Brigade the Dust* Brigade?
0:19:00 2. Are Night Brigade related to Night Aether?
0:21:13 3. Can you charge spheres with this sun?
0:24:53 4. Is Sigzil’s Dawnshard the same as Hoid’s?
0:36:05 5. The Torment
0:51:57 6. Timeline vs. Era 3 and SotD2
1:01:05 7. Revealing that SP4 is Stormlight adjacent
1:04:34 8. Why release before Stormlight 5?
1:10:39 9. Nomad has seen more Cosmere than Wit?
1:14:00 10. Does Skipping require a perpendicularity?
1:14:34 11. Is Skipping a form of the Surge of Transportation?
1:15:53 12. Could you get stuck on a planet with no Investiture?
1:19:06 13. Other characters with the Torment?
1:20:43 14. Will the Cosmere be more Hoid-focused now?
1:22:34 15. Is there a Shard here?
1:25:04 16. How does the Seventeenth Shard feel about what Hoid did to Sigzil?
1:26:30 17. What do Hoid’s apprentices learn or do?
1:28:30 18. Is there a quality Hoid looks for in his apprentices?
1:29:34 19. The cavern world Nomad came from?
1:33:28 20. Are Hoid and Sigzil Connected because they held the same Dawnshard?
1:34:32 Final thoughts
1:35:40 Who’s That Cosmere Character?


User Feedback

All this talk about Sigzil and Hoid and the Dawnshard makes me think that Hoid will find out about Rysn. I like the idea that he's hidden his away on Roshar somewhere, but once he learns that a different one is active and taken up residence in Rysn, he goes, "It is not wise to keep two Dawnshards so close together."

So he sends Sigzil off to take the other Dawnshard to someone else for safekeeping. " I can assure you, it will be absolutely safe here in my collection," the guy says. But of course everything goes wrong, and before he knows it poor Sigzil is on the run from someone who wants to get his hands on the whole set so he can remake the entire Cosmere with just a snap of his fingers...


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Thanks for putting all the work into this probably very out-of-schedule content. It's highly appreciated!


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