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Shardcast: Canticle and Threnody - Sunlit Man Lore Part 2


So much happened in The Sunlit Man, that... well, we needed a second lore episodes discussing all of it. And here it is! In this one, we talk about the what's going on with Aux, how you get from Threnody to Canticle, and how some of Canticle's crazy invested geography really works. Also, we start out with a round of shots, so you know it's all going to go downhill from there.

This episode, we have Eric (Chaos), David (Windrunner), Evgeni (Argent), Grace (thegatorgirl), and Ala (Rasarr).

Thumbnail image is the art of Canticle in the The Sunlit Man, by Ernanda Souza.

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Good job laying out how ridiculous the series of decisions that led to living on this planet were.

OG Zellion was like Jigsaw. This whole thing is a lethal teambuilding retreat. Reminds me of the Envisagers that Teft's parents were members of. Salvation through deathtraps. 

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So here's the theory, someone heavily invested designed Canticle to do a thing, and it needs people to live there so that it can do the thing. They send Zellion with the hover bike technology to Threnody so he can bring people from Threnody to Canticle, enabling Canticle to do whatever it is designed to.

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