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Shardcast: The Sunlit Man Reactions & Implications


The final Brandon Sanderson Secret Project, The Sunlit Man, is out! In this episode of Shardcast, we talk about our thoughts on the book some, but we just can't help ourselves getting into the implications of it all. And this was us trying to not get into "the lore," uh oh! 

This episode we have Eric (Chaos), David (Windrunner), Evgeni (Argent), and Verónica (Cheyenne Sedai)!

Next episode (coming October 22nd) will have us cover more WoBs from our interview with him, and then we will have episodes on lore from this book!


00:00 Intro
3:10 Spoiler-free thoughts
13:11 Is This a Good Starting point?
18:44 General Spoilery Thoughts
34:07 Sigzil Timeline & the Dawnshard
1:08:03 More Fav Moments 
1:21:22 Chorus, Night Brigade, Threnody 
1:36:28 Space Age Cosmere (Includes Sixth of the Dusk 2 stuff, and anti-Scadrian propaganda)
2:11:58 More Book Comments 
2:18:06 What's Next for Sigzil?
2:29:27 Art and Final Thoughts
2:42:40:17 Who's That Cosmere Character

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On the question of why are the Scadrians so terrible in future Cosmere? There is an exchange in Way of Kings ch. 40 involving Sigzil and Kaladin that I think is relevant:


"My experience is that you care only about wars and the art of killing."

"And what have you seen of us besides our army?"

"Not much," Sigzil admitted.

This ship of Scadrians are jerks, but I don't think we can apply it to the entire populace. 

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Eric has no ego! His favorite secret project isn't the one that namechecks him.

Sig has found a way to hack the Torment, which Hoid in all his millennia seemingly never has. Will he share the trick?

So both Tress and Sunlit Man have a climax in a spaceship?

My favorite moment: Sigzil recreating years of the Scadrian scientists' work in minutes while they keep asking if he read their notes.

Around 1:25:50, David's talking about the Shades forming a giant mass ... if you put enough Investiture in one place, it develops sapience, says Brandon. Would the Chorus (made of mostly-mindless shades) develop a collective intelligence just by virtue of having so much Investiture gathered together?

The planetary core is apparently super-dense because of so much Investiture. So wouldn't it become sentient or even sapient? For that matter, why aren't Taldain's and Canticle's stars sentient? Or are they?

Eric (1:43:29), you don't think Brandon is heavily foreshadowing Cultivation dying? Or at least Koravellium Avast? She has really good futuresight and she's putting a lot of work into making an heir ....

Least favorite point: the Cinder King is the weakest villain I've seen from Brandon. He's so two-dimensional you should be able to see through him. Compare, "I'm insecure so I need all the power" boy to the Lord Ruler, or Bluefingers, or Torol Sadeas. The 'casters don't think that was important, of course.

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I remember David talking about the topaz ages ago but I don't remember the actual thing.

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Can we please have David's rant about erosion on Roshar or soil on Canticle? I'm hoping that he's a secretly a geologist hoping for a Cosmere book with well made soil science. 

tagging @Windrunner

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