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Shardcast: Frugal Wizard Reactions


The Frugal Wizard's Handbook for Surviving Medieval England (Secret Project 2) is now out to everyone in bookstores (as of June 27th), so with that and because of some scheduling issues in April, we thought we'd do it now! What did we think about the noncosmere Secret Project? Stay tuned to find out!

This episode, we have Ian (Weiry), Shannon (Grey), and Kadie (Aon Ene)!

Next episode will be Secret Project 3 Reactions, coming July 16th. That one comes out tomorrow!

00:00 Introductions
1:11 Initial Spoiler-free Thoughts 
7:19 Spoiler Thoughts: Likes 
22:48 Dislikes 
24:02 CW: Suicidal ideation 
41:13 More Dislikes 
44:31 Ryan and Jenn
53:35 Ahura Mazda
58:22 John and Sefawynn
1:06:26 Final Things

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