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tldr; I feel like an idiot!



“man, that was ez. why didn’t I do that in the first place?” in hindsight, I shouldn’t be viewing my friend’s memes in class, not only do they distract me from my work that I need to do, but my seeing of them on school property means the school is more aware of them and they are more likely to delete them, or, given the size of the file, have them be somewhat griefed by my school. I also might get in trouble with my folks at home because some of the memes are  gross, political, out of context, and otherwise queer. However, I have horrendous-abhorrent-goodness-awful-from-tip-of-the-toe-to-edge-of-the-hair-no-good-pile-of-crem-rubbish-dog-water-lily-livered foresight that can’t see a cease and desist coming from a mile away, remaining oblivious to any and all consequences. 

feel free to roast my foresight, or lack of, farther.


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