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March 2023 Art Commission (3/4)


Hopefully you aren't sick of Lost Metal art because we still have a couple of pieces in the chamber! So what's today's offering?
Why, it's Ranette and Jaxy! Of course, we here on the Shard have long been Misra stans (you all remember Ranette's girlfriend from Shadows of Self, right?), but Jaxy quickly proved herself to be a sweetheart, so we'll let it all slide just this once. But Ranette is not allowed to remarry!
A digital illustration of Ranette and Jaxy. The two are sitting behind a bar. Ranette, on the left, has a heavy Roughs coat draped over her shoulders, suspenders over a simple white shirt underneath it. Her long brown hair is tied in a no-nonsense ponytail, and she is playing with a whiskey glass, her eyes locked on it as if she is recalling or retelling a memory. To her right is her girlfriend, Jaxy, in a light 1920s flapper dress, white in color, precious stones along the straps, pearl necklace with a large ruby around her neck. Her hair is short, without being boyish, curly, and blond, held back from her eyes with a band. A massive fur coat rests over the back of her chair. Her blue eyes look at Ranette with love, red lips parted in a happy smile. Her hands are covered in long white gloves that extend past her elbows, and one of those hands rest comfortably over one of Ranette's.
For this piece we decided to work with an artist known as Runmien (available on Instagram and Twitter), whose Mistborn drawings you may have seen around the Internet (e.g. this Kelsier, or this Marsh, or these Era 2 portraits). Jaxy in particular turned out absolutely resplendent, the whole 1920s vibe is so spot-on and fits her so well, she is a smashing success. Also, Ranette, that's a lot of whiskey, girl, it better be some weak Elendel bottle!

Edited by Argent


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