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Shardcast: Dragons are Fain & Tress WoBs (WoBs Part 4)


This is it, it's our final Word of Brandon episode for solidly like a month. This episode covers the final bit of the December Spoiler Stream, and then we talk about the Tress Spoiler Stream.

This episode, we have Eric (Chaos), Evgeni (Argent), Shannon (Grey), Marvin (Paleo), and Veronica (Cheyenne Sedai).

Dragonsteel Prime Bridge Four Sequence: https://www.brandonsanderson.com/dragonsteel-prime-chapter-25-bridge-four-1/

00:00 Intro
1:30 Evgeni's week
11:16 News
14:05 The Last Bit of Spoiler Stream WoBs 
43:19 Tress WoBs 
1:38:55 WTCC



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