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A Year of Art Commissions: 2022 Edition


Hello, hello! 

As many of you likely know, a key perk of the 17th Shard Patreon are the monthly art commissions - we take a good chunk of the money our supporters graciously donate to us, and invest (heh, Invest) them right back into the community in the form of fanart we commission from artists from the fandom. And, since we got our our final 2022 commission just a few days ago, it's once again time to take a brief look back, a quick stroll down Memory Lane, and enjoy all the gorgeous art this awesome and wholesome community has made possible. As always, thank you for being a part of this crazy ride, and double thank you to those of you who are specifically making us keep this going with your hard-earned clips, boxings, and spheres. We commissioned 22 full illustrations (plus a Discord emoji and a Shardcast thumbnail) costing a total of nearly $5,000, and almost none of them would've happened without your support!

The previews below the break include scenes from the Skyward Flight novellas, Warbreaker, all of Stormlight, all of Mistborn, including The Lost Metal, and Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell. If you haven't read some of these books, maybe don't look closely into the previews :) Links to the full images will be behind spoiler tags, however, so you can pick and choose which ones to take a(nother) closer look at.

2022 Art Commission Highlight.png

Graphic by @FelCandy

The see all the illustrations in their full HD glory (and avoid the ones coming from books you maybe haven't read yet) and find more work by all of these wonderful artists, expand the spoiler blocks below.

January: Sunreach


February: Warbreaker



March: The Way of Kings



April: Rhythm of War


May: Oathbringer



June: Warbreaker



July: The Hero of Ages and Mistborn: Secret History

August: Rhythm of War



September: The Alloy of Law


October: Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell



November: The Hero of Ages



December: The Lost Metal


2023 commissions are in full force, and you can look forward to another recap like this one in about a year or so. Until then, thank you, and happy Year of Sanderson!

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1 hour ago, Cinnamon said:

Whoops typo :D. I think it’s meant to be the girl who looked up.

Wow, so much incredible art! :).

Not a typo; there are two versions in Oathbringer. This is the second of them. They are importantly different! 

Thanks for the kind words!

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