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March 2023 Art Commission (1/4)


Well, we hope you enjoyed last week's trip down Memory Lane with the little year-in-review post we had, because it's time we turned our collective gaze forward once again, and get back to this year's commissions!
To start things off (because we have a whooping five commissions in the pipeline), let us present to you everyone's favorite Lost Metal character - Lily! Codenames Are Stupid and the seon Dao are in the picture too, but honestly, who cares? Just look at this happy pupper, who's a good dog? Who's a good dog?? You are, oh yes, you are! Come on, let's get you a treat!
A digital illustration of Kaise, as Codenames, along with her terrier Lily and her seon Dao. Kaise is sitting behind a desk, holding a copy of the Elendel Daily newspaper open in front of her. She is a young woman, somewhere in the her 20s, slightly plumb, with a bob of blond hair. Her outfit is a simple light purple dress with geometric patterns along the seams, and simple earrings hang off her ears. She is clearly excited by something she's read in the paper. Her dog, Lily, is also excited, tongue out, standing up with hind legs in her lap, front ones on the desk. The seon Dao, looking like a ball of light blue, nearly white light, with Aon Dao in its center, hovers off to the side of Kaise's head. The desktop is covered by a book, a neat stack of papers, and some writing implements; the background is unremarkable, featuring heavy window drapes and a couple of maps - one of the city of Elendel, one of Scadrial - stuck to the wall.
Ahem. Pets are dangerous to include in commissions, because then this happens. To get us all back on topic, this illustration was done by barlydoodles on Tumblr (and now on Instagram!) whose work you might recognize from last year's drawing of the Girl Who Stood Up. Barly is always a delight to work with, and her work is equally delightful. Plus, we got an adorable dog out of the whole thing, and that's just a win in everyone's book.

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