Shardcast: Void to Hoid! Dragonsteel 2022 Words of Brandon 1

It's been ages since we've done Words of Brandon, and boy there's a ton to catch up on. We start with some miscellaneous events, then get to Dragonsteel 2022 ones. Expect two more WoB episodes as well! This episode is peak unhinged Shardcast, and I love it.

This episode we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Alyx (Feather), Evgeni (Argent), and Marvin (Paleo)!

All WoBs discussed this episode:
Shire Post Mint: (These are their previous coin sets, the new ones Argent showed off don't have listings yet)
The Traveler:

00:00 Introductions 
3:31 Show & Tell: Shire Post Mint
12:10 Misc. WoBs
30:45 Dragonsteel 2022 WoBs
1:24:37 Alyx Dying
1:42:32 Moar DSX WoBs
2:34:06 Who's That Cosmere Character

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Just going to be proud that I guessed the last WTCC on clue 2… and I started typing this before Alyx asked us to say if we did. I loved that one. Ha ha. 


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Lost Lobo

Posted (edited)

Podcast Crew: It's interesting the Shards can't just kill humans.

Me: Oh that is interesting, that's sort of like how Hoid can't kill people.

also Podcast Crew: Unrelatedly, do you think Hoid may have been part of any of the Shardic agreements.

Me: !!!!????!?!?!!!!!!!???!!!!!

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I think the fact that shards can't "just smite" is related to what we see with Taraodium. I think Ado couldn't, and the shards inherited the same restrictions when they picked up the pieces of Ado. Like how Taraodium is bound by previous Odium's agreements. 


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