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News Roundup: Defiant Cover and Blurb, Skyward Legacy, New Mistborn Editions, Tor Tress Cover


On today's news roundup, do you like covers? There are tons of new covers, for Skyward, Mistborn's rerelease, and the Tor edition of Tress. Let's start with Skyward news! Hot off the press, we have a cover reveal for Defiant, the fourth Skyward book, which comes out November 21st, 2023.

defiant cover.jpg

Cover by Charlie Bowater.

What do you all think? Of the US Skyward covers, I think it's probably my favorite.

We also have the synopsis:


Spensa made it out of the Nowhere, but what she saw in the space between the stars has changed her forever. She came face to face with the Delvers, and finally got answers to the questions she's had about her own strange Cytonic gifts. 

The Superiority didn't stop in it's fight for galactic dominance while she was gone, though. Spensa's team, Skyward Flight, was able to hold Winzik off, and even collect allies to help with the cause, but it's only a matter of time until humanity--and the rest of the galaxy--falls. 

Defeating them will require all the knowledge Spensa gathered while in the Nowhere. But being Cytonic is more complicated than she ever could have imagined. Now, Spensa must ask herself: how far is she willing to go for victory, if it means losing herself--and her friends--in the process.

The final book in the Skyward series will free humanity, or see it fall forever.

Skyward Legacy

If you hadn't heard, Janci Patterson is writing a sequel trilogy for Skyward, which is set after the main Skyward series. We don't have details on release dates, as it's early in the process, but this month, Skyward Legacy Book One has appeared on Brandon's progress bars. It is currently at 4%. 

Mistborn News: New Editions and Ebooks Getting Leatherbound Changes

We haven't reported on this yet, but the original Mistborn trilogy is getting a rerelease in the US as trade paperbacks. The Final Empire and The Well of Ascension were released February 14th, and The Hero of Ages will release on March 14th. These new covers are, without a doubt, my favorite US Mistborn covers:


Covers by Danny Schiltz.

The Mistborn leatherbounds had a lot of minor wording changes and continuity stuff, and those are the definitive editions. The Tor mass market paperbacks that were last rereleased in 2019 had those changes, but the ebooks were never updated. Fortunately, with the release of these new Mistborn trade paperbacks, the ebooks are now finally getting the updated text of the books! Yay! The ebooks are getting updated with the new covers, too. Hero of Ages' isn't updated yet, but presumably it will when that trade paperback comes out March 14th. 

We don't have the covers for them, but it seems that all of Era 2 is getting covers in these styles as well. According to Amazon and Coho Books, The Alloy of Law releases July 4th, Shadows of Self on August 1st, The Bands of Mourning on September 5th, and The Lost Metal on October 10th. Additionally, a trade paperback box set of Era 1 arrives April 11th, and I'd expect a similar box for Era 2 this year as well.

Tor Tress Edition Cover

Lastly, we got a cover reveal this month for Tor's version of Tress of the Emerald Sea, which comes out April 4th. (Uh, hopefully Kickstarter backers all get their physical editions by then.) Here it is!

tor tress cover.png

Cover by Carlos Guimerà.

That's all for now! What do you all think of these covers, and the Defiant blurb?

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Those Mistborn covers are scudding awesome! And Spensa on the Defiant cover looks so, well … defiant. I’m very much looking forward to getting these :D

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