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December 2022 Bonus Art Commission


Back in December, when The Lost Metal was but a wee baby and we were commissioning art from it, Wayne won pretty soundly but TwinSoul was a solid second. You've already seen the (very spoilery) Wayne piece but - surprise! - we've been working on TwinSoul in secret. Sneaky old man. So that's what we have here!
The scene, of course, is the iconic roseite juggernaut transformation, in which Sanvith Prasanva Maahik va Sila, Grand Aetherbound of the twelve kingdoms, Raj of the Coriander Court lays down the law. The eagle-eye among you might have spotted the artist's signature already, but we once again hired heatherly.draws (as she goes by on Instagram) whose work you might recognize from awesome projects such as Syl's Guide to Spren or our Pantheon commission from a couple of years ago. And, as always, she absolutely crushed it with his piece. Now, let's see if anyone who is not already a member here is actually going to see this, with our Twitter gone... :D 
A digital illustration by heatherly.draws, depicting TwinSoul in his roseite juggernaut. The golem-like humanoid construct stands tall in the middle of an underground tunnel, body made of crystalline red and pink roseite, opaque in some places, translucent in others. Its pose is challenging, one foot raised on a rock nearby, giant mace resting on another rock. Most notably, the torso of the construct is nearly transparent, revealing TwinSoul sitting inside with his legs crossed, the brilliant light of his jar of purified Dor illuminating him from behind. A similar jar rests in the hands of Moonlight who is standing off to one side with Marasi, behind a pink roseite barricade. Moonlight looks happy to see TwinSoul let loose, while Marasi is comically freaked out. The entire scene is well lit by the two Dor jars whose light rays help establish a feeling of hope and triumph appropriate for the moment.

Edited by Argent


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