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[Tress Spoilers] February 2023 Art Commission


It's been Spoiler City up on this Patreon, and that's not changing anytime soon (can you believe Secret Project #2 is less than a month away??). We are all mostly hunkered down here in 17S HQ, cooking up things both secret and not, and honestly, recovering from all the content Brandon is blasting our way with some face masks and spas. But you are not here for our morning routines, you are here to see pretty art, and this month you are in for a treat!

Our patrons have known this for about a month now, but we got the exceptional Marie Seeberger, aka Lamaery, aka lamaery_in_the_cosmere to work on this piece, and we probably should've expected that we'd get way more than we asked for. Not only was her primary illustration of the Crow's Song surviving the Crimson Sea beyond amazing... 

A digital illustration in horizontal orientation depicting the Crimson Sea of Lumar after a storm, deadly spikes as far as the eye can see, and above it the Crow's Song, raised high in the air by verdant vines. The vines sprout out of the sea like an ancient tree whose branches spread and coil and grasp the galleon-like ship. Tress herself, tiny in the large image, can be seen hanging off the side of the ship, thin sharp spikes almost reaching her. The spikes dominated the lower portion of the image, jutting out from the bottom at random angles, thin and sharp like icicles, but red like blood. Storm clouds part to the sides of the ship, giving way to the massive Crimson Moon in the background, demanding a full half of the sky.

... she also threw in a bunch of variations of of it:

A version without the storm clouds:

A variation of the full illustration without the storm clouds.

A version without the Crow's Song, just the Crimson Sea after rain:

A variation of the original illustration without the Crow's Song, just the moon, storm clouds, and crimson spikes.

A version with no Crow's Song or rain - just the Crimson Moon over a calm sea of red spores:

A variation of the original illustration depicting just the Crimson Moon raining spores over a calm spore sea - no clouds, no ship, no verdant vines.

And a version resized for desktop wallpaper use, because obviously we are all going to want that:

A variation of the original illustration optimized for wallpaper use, with horizontal black bars padding the top and bottom.

So after all this we are absolutely going to try to get her to do something for us again in the future. But until then let's all enjoy this gorgeous painting that could've absolutely been one of the full color spreads in the book itself!


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