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March 2023 Art Commission (2/4)


Are we making these weekly? Who knows. But it's time for another Lost Metal (March) art commission, this one dedicated to everyone's favorite gunslinging Coinshot & rude Bloodmaker dynamic duo - Dumad and Getruda!
This one comes to you from the talented hand of Matthew Johnson, occasionally known as captrosko, whose work you can find on places like Twitter and Instagram - work you might recognize from the many Inktober drawings he's done over the years, such as this Allomancer Jak or this McHammer baggy pants-wearing Honor.
A digital illustration of Dumad and Getruda, the evil "doppelgangers" of Wax and Wayne, standing almost back to back, ready to cause trouble. Dumad is a tall man, fit, with chiseled features, clean-shaven, and perfectly styled short black hair, all contributing to an incredibly punchable face. He is dressed in an expensive and well-tailored dark blue suit, red-purple vest, and a red cravat. He is holding a large aluminum gun at the ready. Getruda next to him is a full head shorter, pale, with short blond hair under a bowler hat, and a wide grin on her face. She is dressed in simple worker's clothes, shirt, suspenders, and a red handkerchief tied like a bowtie. She is armed with a pair of dueling canes she is resting on her shoulders so they cross behind her head. Mists swirl behind the duo, and a tiny speck of red can be seen in eyes of these servants of Autonomy.
With these two, Cap knocked it out of the park instantly. Dumad looks as punchable as a man can possibly look, with his smug face and perfect hair, and Getruda looks equally annoying, with her casual demeanor and gleeful smirk. All in all, this commission has been an absolutely win, you guys, so go give the artist your follows and your likes (and also maybe consider giving him your money?) - and we'll see you soon* with another Lost Metal artwork!

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