Shardcast: Jaddeth is Autonomy!? Words of Brandon Part 3

We're back! There's still more WoBs! Jaddeth is Autonomy, maybe? Tons of Elantris and Lost Metal stuff here, as well as Hoid and Bloody Tan stuff!

We have Eric (Chaos), David (Windrunner), Veronica (Cheyenne Sedai), and Kendra (little wilson).

Our 2022 Art Commissions:


00:00 Introductions
2:14 Newsy and Lots of Show & Tell
14:11 Words of Brandon
2:04:53 Who's That Cosmere Character

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User Feedback



In regards to the breaths clue:


I bet that the idea was that Taravangian had "access" to breaths when he was editing Hoid's memories at the end of RoW



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