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March 2023 Art Commission (4/4)


Oookaaay, once more into the breach that is our Lost Metal March art (Marcht?) commissions! This is the last one - though we've got April ready too, so that will be going up before too long. So what's in the box this time?
Why, it's Telsin, of course! Maybe not the best villain Brandon has ever written, but one we can be thankful to for bringing us a whooole lot of Autonomy lore in this book. This illustration comes to you from the (digital) pen(cil?) of Howuld, whom you can find on Twitter or Instagram (just beware of this incredibly bittersweet Hero of Ages piece that will immediately assault your heart). No sneaky sneaks with this illustration, just pure character design. Enjoy!
A digital illustration of Telsin, as she appears near the end of The Lost Metal. She stands tall and confident in the center of the vertical image, one hand casually holding a gun pointed down, the sleeves of her blue button-up shirt rolled up to reveal a large metal spike driven through her other forearm. A number of metal jewelry decorates her wrists and ears. A pair of pants, suspenders, and a long tie complete the outfit. Her long dark hair sways in the wind, but the mists that fill this nightly illustration stay away from her - in part because of her Hemalurgic spikes, in part because of the intense red glow coming from her eyes, painting the mist tendrils closer to her in bloody tones.

Edited by Argent


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