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Threnodite Hunger Games Sign-ups


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IMG_4493.thumb.jpeg.9d3fda8cab6cab16e590bd4c77f6dcc4.jpegLadies and Gentlemen

The moment you’ve been waiting for…..


Welcome to our third hunger games! We are so glad you all have decided to join us.

Many of you have participated in our previous games, but if your new here we will give you the rundown. Please read all of this so that you can learn the basics of the games and gamemakers. Any questions can be sent to @Edema Rue @Ancient Elantrian @SmilingPanda19 @Lotus Blossom @Witisthebest

GENERALIZATION: It is not required to read the hunger games trilogy or the selected Brandon Sanderson novel/Novella to participate and succeed. 

There will be ____ number of tributes thrown into the created arena (made by us game makers) 

You will be filling out a character sheet to sign up and you can give your character as much personality and pizzazz as you desire. You will all be fighting to the death till we get one singular victor.

In the background our lovely six game makers will be playing their own characters with their own in depth plot. 

Be excited for deception, manipulation, romance, and murder within the game makers plot line. Some of you will be pleased to know some of our favorite Stormlite hunger games characters will be returning alongside new faces.

Please try your absolute best to keep up with both the game maker's plot and the other characters. We are expecting a very large group of players, so please be patient with us and others if we are not 100% up to date at all times.

The game maker's plot is both interesting and possibly helpful to your characters later. 

Death information: Everyone but one will have to die, it is a fact you will have to accept. Some deaths will be murders. Some deaths will be natural disasters. Some will be predators and prey. Ultimately you decide your character's fate, but occasionally a game maker will have to step in and say that there is no logical way for a character to survive and they will ask you to kill off your character.

However, There will be dead tribute opportunities. In an attempt to keep everyone involved, active, and engaged in the story, dead or alive, you will be offered opportunities. 

Just because your character is dead does not mean your activity should be.

Some opportunities include but are not limited to: Controlling predators, natural disasters, ghosts of your characters, hallucinations, involvement in game maker plot, etc. (All of these must gamemaker approved before putting into action)

Alliances: Us game makers are very open to alliances between characters and highly promote this. It gives you a better chance of success and interesting tribute plot lines. 

NOTICE: We would very much enjoy seeing tribute plot during this, bond with each other, betray, backstories, motivation, interests, favorite things, romances, and insanity. Give your characters life!


IMPORTANT PLOT BACKSTORY: If you have not read the Twinborn Hunger Games or the Stormlite Hunger Games that is okay, but I suggest looking at the gamemaker plot from the Stormlite Hunger Games to really get involved.

The Threnodite Hunger Games takes place 5 years after the Stormlite Hunger Games. 5 years ago the Head Gamemaker, Anansi Bonswear, was murdered by his fellow game makers in the arena. The Hunger games completely shut down for those 5 years due to the horrific act being caught on camera and played all across the country.

We now come back to 6 game makers, the top in the country. With such a long period of time without the hunger games the entire country is on the edge of their seat to see what the best in the country can come up with.

Please join us in introducing our six game makers.

Elan. @Ancient Elantrian

Kaa. @Witisthebest

Calliope Nefeli. @Lotus Blossom

Herman Patrick Sylvester VI. @Labyrinth

Victor Forlin. @SmilingPanda19

Siylna Beunar. @Edema Rue



Sign ups: Oct. 13th - 20th

Rp: Begins - Oct. 23rd and must have ended by Nov. 13th

All of these may be subject to change.



Victor steps out into the light of the floodlights. The colors begin to flash and he holds up his hands, his left hand in the air, the right on his scepter. He flashes the numerous cameras a charming grin as the thunderous applause sounds around him.

He wears a bright yellow suit from head to toe with white fancy shoes and an even fancier tie. He has a remarkably pearly grin that stretches from ear to ear. He has a slightly noticeable scar over his nose and in between his eyebrows. His dark hair is poofed up slightly and probably thickened with gel for it shines in the spotlight.

He waves his hands at the crowd, flinching slightly with the overwhelming loud noise. He takes a breath to focus. “Please… please… you haven’t even gotten to know me yet.” He shrugs, rolling his eyes jokingly as the applause continues. Once it dies down he leans against his heels on the left side of the stage. 

“My names Victor, Victor Forlin, and I am pleased to be one of your game makers this year.” He looks to each of the people in the silence, an eerily wide grin plastered along his face. He can feel the chills run up their spine as he makes eye contact with each and every one of them. He can’t help but feel important.

“I know you all have probably been wondering who our head gamemaker will be this year, and let me tell you…” He looks to the curtain to try and catch her eye, but she is concealed behind the shadows. 

“She is one special woman…” He holds out his hand in the direction of the curtains.

“Everyone please give a warm wonderful welcome to Siylna Beunar!” The crowd stands up, filling the room with the noise of their applause. 

Siylna steps onto the platform first, hesitating as she steps into the lights. Her pastel pink lips turn up in a tiny smile. She’s wearing a short blue dress with sequins on the skirt that bring out her sparkling blue eyes. She waves, almost shyly, and takes a tiny step forward, long brown hair swishing.

Victor chokes slightly when he sees her, he fumbles for words. “Your- ah- your looking—”

“Stunning?” Siylna laughs, high and tinkling. He nods quickly, staring at her with a red tint to his face. “Thank you, dear.” She walks up to the mic and looks out to the crowd. “I’m your head gamemaker this year, Siylna Beunar!” Cheering follows the statement.

“Th-that’s right,” Victor says, flushing. “And what an excellent head gamemaker you’ll be!” He adds an eyebrow raise with it, deepening his voice with a roll on the last part. 

Siylna nods eyeing him, suddenly all business when she looks away. “Now, I know that there haven’t been any games in 5 years, since the…incident. I’m honored to be a part of the team that gets to bring them back, and I’m sure we’re all in for a fun year!”

Victor grins. “Oh yes we are…” He catches himself staring and quickly clears his throat and looks to the crowd.

“Give it up for Siylna, everyone!”

Siylna gives the audience a dazzling smile and turns to leave, brushing past Victor as she leaves and the audience can see him turn as red as a tomato. He whispers to her so the microphone can’t pick it up. “Excellent job my queen.” She winks at him and he grins, turning back to the crowd.

Just before she exits back into the layering of the curtains, she turns back so that the audience can see her, but Victor can’t. Her gaze is hard and cold and cruel. “These are my games now,” she says, “and no one will be stopping my fun.”

Victor faces the crowd again, the applause slowing momentarily before picking up again, an eerie feeling still left lingering in the room however.


Calliope Nefeli stands in the dark, surveying her audience as Siylna walks past her. Her eyes are barely seen under her fedora as she is leaning into her hip, her arms crossed. She walks out into the spotlight. She is holding a cat in her arms, and her right hand clutches leaves. A mace is attached to her belt. She drops her cat, who lands on all fours at her feet and it sits on her feet, and snatches the microphone that is offered to her. When she lifts her hat, it reveals her striking eyes: one light purple, the other, light green. Her white hair is long and falls down her back.


“Well well well! Hello there! My my you're looking evil today Calliope.” Victor smiles at her, shrugging his shoulders jauntily. 


"I'm always looking evil, Victor." 


“I mean, yes… but…” He moves his hands for emphasis. 


"Isn't it funny how everyone here is going to die?" Calliope mused, scanning the crowds, "And they all think they're the hero..." Calliope smiled mischievously, but her expression wiped clear when she turned back to Victor, her left hand on her mace.


*chuckle* “Of course… *cough* Well, anyway... let's give it up for Callie!” 


Before he even finished his sentence, Calliope tilted her hat over her eyes and spun around on her heels theatrically, walking off the stage, sending the cat scrambling. "Oh, and," Callie paused, turning her head to the crowd, "Good luck," She grinned and left, her cat following behind her. She was throwing a set of dice up and catching them in her left hand.

Elan walks out onto the stage. his gaze is full of quiet intensity. On his head sits a tall top hat, dark black. His eyes are cloudy, glazed over.

“Well well well! Hello there! My my your looking grumpy today.”

Elan grunts. “That’s what happens when you’re Blind!!!” He grins and laughs insanely.

“Well yes… of course.” Victor looks uncomfortable. 

“I know I know I’m blind isn’t it AMAZING!!! Oh, but you think I’m terrifying don’t you? Well I could kill you HERE AND NOW!” He scream-laughs.

*chuckle* “Certainly… *cough* Everyone give it up for Elan”

Elan winks at the host. “I’m done here! And you’ll be done soon too! HAhaHahAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” He shoves away the microphone, and then walks off the stage. He stumbles and falls over. And keeps laughing insanely as two gaurds help him up and off the stage.


Victor shifts his weight to his other foot as Kaa steps out.


Kaa steps onto the platform. He leans forward and takes the microphone. Kaa came in wearing a sword and knife on his belt, and a vial of unknown substance in a pouch.


“Well well well! Hello there! My my you're looking happy today.” 


“Ah! Thank you for the compliment. I want you to know that you also look happy. Although that will not stop me from  regulating the rules very strictly for all of you…” He glares at the camera, his face straight and his voice monotone.


“Well yes… of course but…” Victor struggles to recover from the sudden drop in momentum.


“But? But what? Do you doubt I will be able to do so? Do you doubt that the rules will be impassable? Do you doubt that you will have mercy? I will not!”


Victor chuckles awkwardly. “Certainly… *cough* Everyone give it up for Kaa…” He holds out his arms to Kaa.


Kaa stands up to exit. A paper airplane came onto the stage and hit him in the head. He takes the plane, does a few fold and throws it back. “Your tail was a little bent, and the wings need to be a little wider.” He walks away.


Victor clears his throat and holds out his hands again, less energetically this time. Silyna stands and watches out of a peak in the curtain in the back, a slight disgust on her face as she watches him walk out.


“And our final gamemaker-“ An elderly black man with deep brown, almost obsidian eyes, short white hair that catches the eye, almost more dyed looking than as if it had been lightened by old age, steps out. He wears a black suit with dark red accents, and underneath the suit is a white shirt and grey vest. His tie is bright red, with small black diamonds spaced along it. In his hand holds a cane of what seemed to be an unearthly color, a mix of gold and red that almost broke your brain with how it seemed to be both at a time. 

“Well well well! You're looking…” He grasps for words. “Distinguished today.”

“Yes, thank you. I do my best. I find that being in the business of death is quite profitable, and gives me the luxury of looking…” he glances up and down at the other man’s figure, “not quite like that.”

“Well yes… of course…” Victor coughs awkwardly, he feels a deep anger boil in him. How could such a man embarrass him? He puts on a very fake smile. “but…”

“Speak with Confidence after this. She charges quite a price, but she improves, ahem, appearance quite dramatically.” Victor looks at him, a deep rage inside of him. He feels it boil underneath his skin. He can almost sense his heart shrink.

*chuckle* “Certainly… *cough* Everyone give it up for Herman Patrick Sylvester VI…” Victor says between gritted teeth.

He leaves the stage, and as he glances back at the crowd you can barely see the corner of a satisfied smile on his lips. His eyes, on the other hand, are empty. 

“That will be all from me.” He nods to the audience, strutting back behind stage sternly, everyone getting out of his way, Silyna stepping to the side as he enters behind the curtains. 

Victor looks back to the audience, an almost worried look on his face.

“Well that concludes our introductions!” He says, still trying to sound preppy as he grabs the microphone and waves to the crowd.

“I’m Victor Forlin, Unhappily Yours.” He flashes a huge grin and the audience stands with applause. He bows and walks off stage to behind the curtains.


His smile immediately drops the second he is out of view. Siylna gave Victor a smile as soon as he was out of sight of the audience. “Hey,” she said, grabbing his hand. He shakes a bit, the loud noise and chaotic mess is messing with him. “We’re going to make this work, and we’re going to enjoy it. We’re here, together, on top of the world. There’s no reason to be afraid.” He nods to her, reassuring himself. She squeezes his hand softly which sends butterflies through his stomach. “It's going to be okay…” He gives her a half fake smile and squeezes her hand back. Out of the corner of his eye he sees Herman, and he can’t help but feel deep hatred for him. Him. Embarrassing a Forlin? Unacceptable.





Age (12-18):


Preferred District:

Alliance (yes or no?):



Preferred Weapon:



From Rue:

One more thing to keep in mind: the past couple hunger games, we’ve had problems with not enough fighting. Please fight, it makes the game funner! People don’t have to die in every conflict!

However, everyone has to die, and in this games especially things will be especially fun after you’re dead. So…don’t be afraid to die, please. We’ll all be very grateful to you. 

With love, Rue.

@Ravenclawjedi42 @Channelknight Fadran  @The Honorable One @Silver Phantom @The Sibling @S. Stormy @Lightweaver2 @Aeoryi @Cinnamon @Justice_Magician@shortcake @Experience @[Redacted]@Canada Lover @Authorspren @TheRavenHasLanded @Lord Spirit @Thaidakar the Ghostblood @2EmLee2@CalanoCorvus @Morningtide @Robin Sedai @Shadowed @Shardfire @Szeth_Pancakes @Tesh @The Bookwyrm @The Storming Stormfather @The Wandering Wizard @Wittles of Shinovar @Athena :))) @Cash67 @Kajsa :) @Lego Mistborn @PianoSavant @Rallohir @Sequence @Szeth's Facepalm @That1Cellist @The Aspiring Archivist @The cheeseman  @The Isochronism @The Last Fæ @Zephrun’s Imperium@DramaQueen @Matrim's Dice @Eluvianii @Scars of Hathsin @Shard_Blades @Voidus @Everyone @DefiantAllomancer 

“That’s STEWPID- YOUR STEWPID-….. you’re adding meeeeee-“ - Defiant Allomancer 

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4 minutes ago, SmilingPanda19 said:

Name: Bob 

Age (12-18): 15

Gender: male

Preferred District: 8

Alliance (yes or no?): no

Skills: great at throwing stuff, having honed his skill in that in the past two years, also good at knitting, crocheting, and weaving.

Personality: doesn’t talk much, is curious about stuff but still a boring and blunt person 

Preferred Weapon: darts

Other: nothing!


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Name: Arc(It's threnody right?)

Age (12-18): 18

Gender: Male

Preferred District: 1

Alliance (yes or no?): No.

Skills: Some carpentry, forestry.

Personality: standoff-ish, usually goes out of his way to stay away from other people.

Preferred Weapon: Axe

Other: Is a lumberjack.  Uses those sort of moves with his axe. Terrified to the core of shades.

I'm makin a prediction shades are gonna attack people. When you die you can shade-ify.

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38 minutes ago, SmilingPanda19 said:

Name: Levi Nightwalker

Age (12-18): 17

Gender: Male

Preferred District: 4

Alliance (yes or no?): yes (if others invite me)

Skills: fishing, gutting, spearing stuff.

Personality: suffers from depression and anxiety, but when he finds his people he can be loud and excited.

Preferred Weapon: spear/trident



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1 minute ago, Lord Spirit said:


Age (12-18):1

Preferred District:6

Alliance (yes or no?):no

Skills:wood carving

Personality:quiet, socially awkward

Preferred Weapon:Sling

Other: He’s was Ninddles friend

How old?

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1 minute ago, shortcake said:

uhhhhhhh before i join, are there any like, rules or anything that are tiered specifically to this that I should know about? I haven't read the Threnody thing yet-


Three special rules: no light, no blood, no speed. It’ll be an interesting games :D 


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4 minutes ago, Edema Rue said:



It’s more complicated. You can’t draw blood, but things like a bloody nose or natural bleeding won’t do anything. No kindling a fire, but if it’s already lit that’s fine. No running for a long time at night. If you run for a little the shades get agitated, but if you stop they’ll become unagitated.


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Name: Laurellen

Age (12-18): 17

Gender: Female

Preferred District: 9

Alliance (yes or no?): Maybe...she'd kill everyone first and if they survived then make them a friend so she can backstabbing them...she really doesn’t like people :P

Skills: Good at wrestling and scything wheat and knives

Personality: Is very much a lone wolf and has a hatred for life and the games because they took her true love from her.

Preferred Weapon: Knife or Scythe

Other: She may or may not have been wanted for murder and was put in the games because she was of age and that...yeah she's gonna be a fun character.

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ahhh i would love to join this

so much

but… school >:(

i have 7 exams in the next two weeks (including a really important one) and it’s literally october like why


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