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Long Game 78: The Legend of Zelda: The False Heroes


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The stained glass windows of Hyrule Castle glittered, the light of the sunset becoming distorted as it passed through the panes. It moved like ripples on a lake when a stone landed in the middle, slowing as it reached further from the epicenter. 

Princess Zelda, heir apparent to the throne of Hyrule and holder of the Goddess Hylia’s sacred power, watched the light as it passed through the window, a mural of Hylia herself.

Hylia stood regal, tall, the Triforce held between her hands. Orange and gold hues from her skin, hair, and dress blended with the blue accents of her jewelry, becoming a wash of light that fell over Zelda. Her white ceremonial training dress became a canvas for the blinding light, turning it into a painter’s cathartic work, colors mixing in strange ways. 

Hylia’s dress shone bright white.

Zelda turned from the mural and stalked out of the light. The temperature dropped as soon as she stepped out of the pool of colors, and she hugged herself. This silly training dress provided no warmth.

She found herself at Hylia’s portrayals often, whether statue, painting, or stained glass mural. After long days of training--failed training--Zelda would stare up at the goddess, silently asking why but never saying it out loud. She’d already asked why enough at her training, there was no need to voice it to Hylia any more. Just to herself, washed in the light of her predecessor, her expectation.

The cold followed Zelda as she wove through the corridors. She’d dismissed Link already, telling him to retire to his own quarters, though he would certainly be back in a few minutes to check on her. He never left her side for long.

She’d thought him insufferable, but as tensions grew higher and attacks grew more frequent, Zelda found herself grateful for his company and protection. She’d never met a person--knight or commoner, man or woman--who could wield a sword like him. 

Zelda ducked past the throne room to avoid her father. He seemed busy anyway, talking in a furious whisper with some of his advisors, as he did most days now. She doubted he saw her.

As she passed the corridor before the throne room, Zelda’s eyes flickered to the portrait of her late mother. What would she think of Zelda, of them all, now? Could her mother see them all panicking? Could she sense their impending destruction from the realm of the dead? Could Zelda plead just a little harder for her mother to come to her, to teach her what she needed? Zelda almost stopped, her heart skipping for a breath, before gritting her teeth and continuing on. 

Her mother would not make some miraculous appearance from the dead. Zelda was on her own.


Urbosa, Chief of the Gerudo, wove through the maze of castle corridors. So many times she had visited this castle, and yet she still managed to find herself lost over half the times she had visited. Scowling, she turned yet another corridor that looked exactly the same as all the others. 

Why did Hylians love their confusing buildings? Every important Hylian building was built like a purposefully planned trap. She supposed it was good for defense in some circumstances, but how easily would someone be cornered in a place like this? Urbosa much preferred the open, airy homes of the Gerudo. If an enemy were to attack, they would be unable to surprise her. 

Urbosa turned a corner to see stairs. At last! She started up. Certainly the other champions were already in their meeting hall, waiting for her arrival. She would have to apologize for keeping them waiting. It was unlike her to be late, but she had gotten carried away visiting with her fellow Gerudo soldiers that had accompanied her to the castle. The other champions would understand, they--

A footstep.

Urbosa froze. From the hall behind, to her right where he had just come from, but no one had been in the hallway with her. She breathed slowly, quietly, listening.

Urbosa moved.

The knife flew by in a blur, a hair’s breadth from where she had stood only moments before. Her ear stung, and a hand to it came away with drops of blood. Damn, she could only dodge so fast.

Rustling behind her was all she needed to hear to send her dodging again, missing yet another knife. She sprinted up the stairs and threw herself around the next corner, hoping to shake off her assailant.

No luck. In a puff of smoke, her attacker appeared in front of her, wearing the goddess-forsaken mask of the Yiga. Urbosa growled and unsheathed her scimitar just in time to meet the wickedly sharp blade of the Yiga soldier. She grunted, digging her feet into the blood red carpet. For a skinny little thing, this soldier sure held some weight.

She ducked, letting go of her defensive stance and sending the Yiga stumbling forward, caught off guard by her sudden lack of weight. She slammed the hilt of her scimitar into his back, and he grunted before disappearing in a whirl of smoke.

Urbosa listened.


She whirled in time to catch his blow just as he appeared. She couldn’t see his face, but his body language indicated surprise. She could use that. 

In a swift motion, Urbosa spun around his blade and to his side before he could recover from his previous shock. He spun to face her, but too late, and her sword met his exposed abdomen.

The Yiga howled, clutching his bloody stomach. His sword fell from his hands and he disappeared in another puff of smoke, leaving her in silence.

Urbosa waited only a breath to pick up his sword and sprint for the meeting hall. If there was one Yiga, there were more. What if they had the princess? Or the king? How did they get into the castle?

Just as Urbosa turned the final corner to the meeting hall, a taunting laugh rang out. She barely had time to react before a Yiga came at her, wickedly curved sword at the ready. She couldn’t block in time, her best bet was to--

A trident sailed through the air, pinning the Yiga soldier against the wall with a single, choked gurgle. Mipha stood at the other end of the corridor, eyes wide.

“Lady Urbosa.”


Mipha stalked over to her trident, now sans-Yiga, and yanked it out of the wall.

“I believe,” Mipha said, staring up at her bloody trident, “that we have a large problem.” 


In the meeting hall, standing around a large table in the center of the room, the champions spoke frantically with Zelda’s father and his advisors, arguing about castle defenses and how in the world multiple Yiga soldiers could have infiltrated the castle.

Zelda spoke little, occasionally glancing at the door to make sure the guards were still posted. She couldn’t shake the feeling of anxiety that settled over her. Link’s presence next to her provided marginal comfort.

Shortly before reaching her room, a Yiga soldier had ambushed her, nearly capturing her before Link had cut the man in half. She still had his blood on her dress, and Link had yet to clean the Master Sword.

She’d survived assassination attempts before. Plenty of them, in fact. But something about being attacked in her own home, so close to her bedroom, set her heart thundering. Never before had a Yiga made it inside the castle. The defenses were too strong, guard too good.

Someone let them in.

Someone trusted, someone with a good reputation with the guards. They had a traitor in their midst.

But who?

What person in their right mind would ally themselves with the Yiga? With Calamity Ganon? It was certain destruction. The Calamity would show no mercy, spare no man. It’s rise would mean the end of the world, loyal servant or not. The Yiga were delusional, and apparently so was someone in this castle.

Someone trusted.

Zelda blinked.

Oh goddess, they were in this room.

Zelda frantically scanned every occupant, looking for anything out of the ordinary. There were the champions. Urbosa argued furiously with Zelda’s father, King Rhoam, with occasional interjections from Revali. Mipha and Daruk discussed nearby, apparently taking note of castle entrances on a map. All of this seemed normal, nothing out of character for the champions. As always, Link stood silently by her, and he was certainly no traitor. The Master Sword would have burned his hand by now had he betrayed Hyrule. No one unworthy could wield it.

So that left…

Suddenly it was obvious. One of the advisors across the table from her had been oddly quiet all evening, standing by the side and listening. Before, he had just seemed uninterested, but now Zelda saw the knife at his belt not as a self defense weapon, but as an assassin’s blade. His eyes, before perceived as tired, now looked calculating. She saw the glint.

Trying not to draw attention to herself, Zelda nudged Link. He turned to her, eyebrow raised.

“That man, advisor Tolla,” she nodded in his direction. “I think he is a Yiga.”

Link’s eyebrows drew together. He peered at the man before turning back to Zelda, cocking his head. 

“Someone had to let the Yiga in. Someone trusted.” Zelda lowered her voice further, to barely above a whisper. “Do you see how he is standing? And so quiet too.”

Link pursed his lips, ever silent, and turned back to watch advisor Tolla. The man stood still, shoulders slightly tensed and hands down by his side. His eyes flickered to Link, still watching him, and his eyes widened by a fraction. It could easily have been missed by anyone, but Zelda caught it, and she knew Link had too.

Link’s eyes narrowed.

Advisor Tolla moved. He whipped out his knife and threw it in Zelda’s direction. Link shoved her out of the way just as the knife whizzed past and vaulted over the table, sending papers flying. Before Tolla could dodge, the Master Sword went through his abdomen. 

In a puff of smoke, the disguise dropped, leaving a Yiga soldier with a hole in his stomach. He coughed once before disappearing.

The meeting hall fell eerily silent.

“They can disguise themselves,” Revali said, dumbfounded. 

“I thought we already knew that,” Daruk said.

Revali shook his head. “We knew they could disguise as normal people, but not take on the image of someone that already exists.”

Even Urbosa looked shocked. “I thought only their leader could…” she shook her head. “The world has gone mad.”

Zelda glanced around the room at each champion. She knew what they were thinking: which of us are not who we seem?

Rhoam scowled and slammed a hand on the table. “We must take action before the Yiga can claim an upper hand. From here on out, there will be no group meetings. We will be too exposed. Correspondence will be through letters until we can sort out who is a Yiga traitor. Keep yourselves hidden, disguise yourselves from each other and others, all of you. No one can see you or know what actions you take. We no longer know who we can trust. Do I make myself clear?”

He said it with such authority that there was no protest. What else could they do except hide from one another? The only two who could prove themselves were Zelda and Link, the only people who could touch the Master Sword without scalding their hands. 

Rhoam nodded. “Then it is decided. Not one of us will leave this castle until we can discover which of us are false heroes.”


char(76)char(69)char(71)char(69)char(78)char(68)   char(79)char(70)   char(90)char(69)char(76)char(68)char(65)   char(84)char(72)char(69)   char(70)char(65)char(76)char(83)char(69)   char(72)char(69)char(82)char(79)char(69)char(83)

Welcome to LG78: The Legend of Zelda: The False Heroes! This game is based off of the story of both Breath of the Wild and Age of Calamity, with some bits from other Zelda games thrown in as well. It takes place shortly before the return of Calamity Ganon. But don't worry if you haven't played those games, or any of the Zelda games really! It should be fun for everyone, Zelda fan or not :D. @StrikerEZ and I are the GMs for this game, and our IM is @Elandera!

The signups will close at 10 am CDT on Tuesday, June 22nd. The game will get started as soon as we can get all the role distribution stuff sorted out and get the first post put up and get PMs sent out. So probably no more than an hour. :P

From Striker: "Also, again apologizing because my work schedule can be erratic at times, so don't be surprised if the rollover time moves around occasionally. We'll try to keep it at a consistent time as much as possible, though."

I'll be posting the rules down below as well, but it can get finicky when I copy and paste it over here from a google doc, so I'm also going to add a link to the google doc with the rules.  :PHere's the rules doc. Let me know if that doesn't work or if you can edit it because that's not supposed to happen :P.

char(82)char(85)char(76)char(69)char(83)   char(80)char(76)char(65)char(89)char(69)char(82)char(83)   char(65)char(78)char(68)   char(76)char(73)char(78)char(75)char(83)


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  • Each Cycle is split up into a Day turn and a Night turn. Days are 48 hours long, and Nights are 24 hours long.
  • There is a removal during the Day. There is no vote minimum, but no one is removed if there are no votes. Tied votes result in one of the tied players randomly being removed.
  • Each player has one action available to them each turn, and can submit one item request each Day. 
  • PMs are not open, unless a Postman opens them. In the case of Postman PMs, StrikerEZ and Biplet must be in all PMs. Postman PMs will close when the Postman that opened them is dead.
  • There is an inactivity filter. If a player does not post for 3 consecutive turns, they will either be removed (except in the case of that player’s removal deciding the game) or replaced by a pinch hitter, if available. Exceptions can be given in case of extenuating IRL circumstances. 
  • If a player has any items when they are removed, their items will be randomly distributed among the players that voted on them. If a player is killed, one of their items, chosen randomly, will go to the killer and the rest will return to Beedle’s Shop.


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  • Army of Hyrule: This is the village for this game. Their wincon is to eliminate all of the Yiga.

  • Yiga Clan: The Yiga are the elims for this game. As long as both Zelda and Link are still alive, the Yiga cannot win. Once one of Zelda or Link has died, the Yiga win at parity. If both Link and Zelda are killed, the game ends and the Yiga win. They have a kill available to them each Night turn, and they have a doc to discuss in.



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  • Zelda: With the power of the Triforce of Wisdom at her disposal, Zelda can target a player and learn their true identity. Each night turn she can scan a player and learn their alignment.
  • Link: With the power of the Triforce of Courage at his disposal, Link can use the Master Sword to kill one player per night turn. If Link kills a Hyrulean he will not be able to use his kill for one cycle. 
  • Master Kohga: With the power of his special ability he learned from his mother’s father’s grandfather’s mother, Kohga can ensure that someone dies for good. Once per game, Kohga can use his special ability to make sure that the elim kill goes through no matter what that turn, regardless of if the player is protected or the elim kill is affected by a roleblock. Kohga must submit the elim kill the turn he chooses to use this ability.
  • Mipha: With the power of Mipha’s Grace, Mipha can target another player each night to heal them after any attacks. The target player will survive any kill actions taken against them (except for Kohga’s Kill).
  • Daruk: With the power of Daruk’s Protection, Daruk can protect himself from anything that could hurt him. Daruk has a passive life that protects him from the first kill or removal done against him.
  • Revali: With the power of Revali’s Gale, Revali can fly up to a better vantage point and observe the actions of others. Once per cycle, Revali can target another player and see who they target. 
  • Urbosa: With the power of Urbosa’s Fury, Urbosa can electrocute and stun another player. Once per cycle, Urbosa can target another player and roleblock them.
  • King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule: Using his influence as King of Hyrule, Rhoam can convince people to do what he wants. Rhoam can target one player and cancel their vote. 
  • Postman: Postmen are the lifeblood of the kingdom of Hyrule, carrying messages across the lands. Each turn, a Postman can open up a one-on-one PM between any two players in the game. This does not have to include the Postman themselves. If the PM includes the Postman, they can open it themselves. If it does not, they can request the GMs to open it between the two players.
  • Beedle: Carrying his admittedly large, beetle shaped pack on his back, Beedle roams the lands of Hyrule, opening up shop wherever he is needed. During the night, Beedle can approve or deny item requests from other players, and he gets to see who requests which item. Twice in a game, Beedle can take an item for himself. Approving item requests doesn’t count as the one action per cycle.
  • Sheikah: With their legendary stealth skills, the Sheikah can track people and learn about them without them even knowing. Once per cycle, Sheikah can target a player and learn their role.
  • Knight: Elite members of the Hylian Army, knights have trained for years, honing their reflexes and learning to defend the royal family. Once per cycle, knights can target a player and randomly redirect any actions taken against their target player. 


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  • Blue Nightshade: This plant can be used to increase your stealthiness and let you move faster while staying quiet. When you use this item, no one can track your actions for one turn. 
  • Mighty Bananas: These bananas can increase your strength greatly when you eat them. When you use this item, you can use your strength to intimidate someone and make them remove their vote. This is a one use item.
  • Tireless Frog: It’s kind of gross, but thanks to research done by Princess Zelda, it has been discovered that consuming these frogs greatly increases one’s stamina! Use this item to gain an extra action for the next turn. 
  • Lightning Rod: Somehow, Beedle got his hands on a rod imbued with electricity. Using this item will allow the player to stun and roleblock another player. This is a one use item. 
  • Electric Safflina: A plant often found growing in the desert. Using this item makes you immune to one roleblock taken against you.
  • Swift Carrot: A favorite of horses across Hyrule. Consuming this carrot increases your movement speed, giving you a 50% chance of dodging any actions taken against you.
  • Hearty Durian: A large, spined fruit found growing in the Faron region. Consuming this greatly increases your health, making you immune to one kill action taken against you.

Beedle's Shop:

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  • During the day, players can submit requests in their GM PM for items available in Beedle’s Shop
  • During the night turn, Beedle will be given all item requests and will be able to grant or deny them as he sees fit. 
  • Beedle will see the name of each player and what they requested, if they requested any items, at the start of each Night turn.
  • Players will receive their items in the next day turn
  • Items are limited, but will be restored each day as Beedle finds more supplies. Items will have varying availability each day.
  • All items, except for the lightning rod and mighty bananas, must be “eaten” in order to gain their benefits. All item status effects will last until the action it protects from is taken against the player. An example situation: Player 1 consumes an Electric Safflina. Two turns later, Player 2 submits a roleblock against Player 2. The Electric Safflina negates this role block and is used up, disappearing from Player 1’s inventory.
  • Players can only consume one status effect item at a time. Should players want to change their status effect, they may consume another item, but it will cause the previously consumed item’s effect to disappear, taking the item with it. 


Player List:

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  1. @Matrim's Dice - Jaralph, needing to brush up on his Hyrule Historia
  2. @Kasimir - Kazs, no relation to the Rito minstrel, beleaguered bard who probably is in the wrong line of work, and connoisseur of bad rhymes. The absolute worst.
  3. @The Unknown Order - Gavrill, seriously bewildered because he is having a firemoss hallucination.
  4. @Ashbringer - Faleast and AraRaash, who will certainly find a way to keep each other busy while stuck in a strange dimension.
  5. @Azmine_king
  6. @Archer - Linkov, an elf with a sword who shouts "I'M LINKOV"
  7. @Dannex - DaaNex, a kandra
  8. @Szeth_Pancakes - Earl, a knight(?)
  9. @Steeldancer - Linebeck, swindler, salesman, local hero
  10. @Araris Valerian - Navi, Hey! Listen!
  11. @hyliara - Beedle, perhaps??
  12. @|TJ| - Shakhtar, character that develops a personality the longer it exists
  13. @Devotary of Spontaneity - Kele, ex-Yiga, a bit confused but has the spirit
  14. @_Stick_ - Steve Jobz, creator of Apple but like... in the Zelda Universe
  15. @Illwei - Illwei, Illwei
  16. @Jondesu - Cimu
  17. @Alvron - Jamut Whitemane, no idea what's going on
  18. @DrakeMarshall - Zoel, an intelligent green hat who is definitely not Ezlo, what are you talking about?
  19. @The Young Pyromancer - Pyria, a possibly out of place hunter
  20. @Random Bystander - KorVaal the Kandra, currently impersonating a Hylian woman named Eshe
  21. @WhiffleWaffles - Sagessa, she's pretty cool
  22. @attic_gremlin - Horatio Archibald Stibbons, Hyrule Castle's elusive, mustachioed butler
  23. @YeetAroundABush - Nott Yigah, from the esteemed and most noble house of Yigah
  24. @purplewhiteandgold - Vee, a maid at the castle and a bit new to all this
  25. @Tani - Reva
  26. @quillinthestars - Conepine, he's... he's just a pinecone cat



Pinch Hitters:

  1. @xinoehp512 - Rich Hipnett

Quick Links:

Also, I highly, HIGHLY, recommend everyone come up with an RP character. The more you guys RP, the easier it makes our lives with the writeups. Plus it just makes the game more fun for everyone involved! But also, don't feel like you have to RP if you aren't comfortable with it.

Edited by Elandera
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Yiga in Hyrule Castle. Yiga!

Kazs strummed idly at his ukulele. The strings were in want of tuning. They were always in want of tuning. He scowled. What did such bloodthirsty maniacs want now, with the threat of Calamity looming before them?

Blood still dripped from the Master Sword. Kazs found himself wondering if it was the sort of stuff songs were made of. There was a snatch of tune in his head, there often was, and he tried to fit a song to it.

Boy in blue
Stabs a few
Yiga. No one cares
But now we're stuck
And about to be f

His scowl deepened. No, that didn't work, it didn't rhyme, and it wasn't really the sort of thing you'd write poetry about, and of course that Goron with the banjo would give him a hard time for it if he'd actually heard. Bad enough that the Goron very nearly had Kazs's own name, but did he have to add insult to injury with his songs?

No, Kazs knew his place and he prided himself on his wit, on silly rhymes that cut you open to the bone. But at the moment, his wit was wanting. His mind went back to the sword and the fallen Yiga. Blood staining steel, now there was a good line. Too poetic though, and it cut too little. Or, if you thought carefully about the image, it cut too much. Blood on sacred steel. Maybe that was better.

Keep hidden and disguise themselves. Kazs shook his head. Wasn't as if anyone was going to recognise someone like him. Why, the other day, a guardswoman had mistaken Kazs for the latest in an endless string of cook's assistants to be hired. What was with the kitchensat the rate they were running through assistants, you'd think the cook was Yiga!

Well, wasn't that a cheery thought.

He resigned himself to a lot of writing, and a lot of skulking around and hiding in the near future. Wouldn't it be a surprise if they knew his face. He flipped the hood of his worn traveling cloak over his face, mimicking what some of the others present had begun to do. Couldn't be recognised if you couldn't see other people underneath your hood, that was a good idea, the best Kazs had ever heard.

He started to work on a better, sillier rhyme. His mind went back to the Master Sword, bloodstained, in the hands of the Champion. 

Yiga in Hyrule Castle. What a day.

And it was only the beginning.

[OOC: Well, stepping out of temporary retirement to sign up as Kazs, no relation to the Rito minstrel, beleaguered bard who probably is in the wrong line of work, and connoisseur of bad rhymes. The absolute worst. Things have cleared up a bit for me but this will be a chill RPful game so I will endeavour to be about as useful as clogs on a cat, and probably not all that active.

Fair warning that if I have bandwidth, anyone who votes on me is likely to end up the target of a bad rhyme or limerick at some point. Don't let this dissuade you :P ]

Edited by Kasimir
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4 minutes ago, Kasimir said:

My dude, I'm GMing the MR, I don't have that much bandwidth :P And this is suppose to be a nice, quiet, chill RPful game >>

I mean, that's what you said about the AG :P

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Just now, StrikerEZ said:

I mean, that's what you said about the AG :P

I mean, PMs are default closed for this game, and Eiwlil and TJ aren't playing rn, and I plan to brutally murder any Postman who puts me in a PM with Eiwlil or TJ, so we should be good :P I'll be about as useful as I was to you in the first two cycles of LG73!

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Just now, Kasimir said:

I mean, PMs are default closed for this game, and Eiwlil and TJ aren't playing rn, and I plan to brutally murder any Postman who puts me in a PM with Eiwlil or TJ, so we should be good :P I'll be about as useful as I was to you in the first two cycles of LG73!

I'm sure that they'll join eventually. :P And man I keep forgetting which one was LG73 and which was LG74. Which one did you GM? :P

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4 minutes ago, Biplet said:

What is this trend of not typing Illwei's name correctly

I can't remember how this started - I think it was because she did a long post in LG73 in which she continuously spelled her name in increasingly exotic ways. One of them was Eiwlil.

5 minutes ago, StrikerEZ said:

I'm sure that they'll join eventually. :P And man I keep forgetting which one was LG73 and which was LG74. Which one did you GM? :P

LG74 my dude :P LG73 is the one in which I got you killed.

Edited by Kasimir
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2 minutes ago, Kasimir said:

LG74 my dude :P LG73 is the one in which I got you killed.

I remember the vibes of the games, not the numbers for them at all. Numbers are way too easy to forget. :P

And it's okay, I don't blame you at all for that. I was acting hella sus that game, even though I was a villager. :P 

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1 minute ago, StrikerEZ said:

I remember the vibes of the games, not the numbers for them at all. Numbers are way too easy to forget

LG74 is where I panic texted you every 2 seconds because it was my first game

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Just now, Biplet said:

LG74 is where I panic texted you every 2 seconds because it was my first game

I definitely remember that. :P

But I will also definitely forget the number of that game in like a day or two :P

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I wonder if I can beat Age of Calamity before this game starts...

Either way, Faleast and AraRaash are in!

Probably not too much Lamentation Loredump (TM) this game as they are currently in a... very unusual timeline that Lamentation managed to find. But in the world of random magic, Triforces, and Master Swords I'm sure they'll find a way to keep each other busy :P

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I know nothing about Zelda, but don't plan on doing any research beyond reading the writeups. 

I'll sign-up as Linkov, who OOC resembles the protagonist of a pirated Russian knock-off of the LoZ game. In-world, he's an elf with a sword who shouts "I'M LINKOV", what more detail could you need

Also, I know nothing about Russian. This will go splendidly 

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I’ll join!

RP seems like it’ll be kinda hard, since the roles are all characters themselves. Hows that gonna work.


okay, I’m signing up as Master Kohga. :ph34r:

not someone with the same name, canonically signing up as the character Master Kohga. 

Have fun trying to make the writeups make sense now GMs.


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Earl Euphemie’s life was over. Literally. EriSell slunk away from his bones. He had failed in his mission, and just upset some very, very important people. Suddenly, a man appeared in front of him, as if from nowhere, and drew a dagger from a sheath at his belt. It appeared to have some sort of metallic liquid inside a vein running through the center of it. “You have caused an extremely large problem, Earl. I don’t think you understand how terrible the situation is that you’ve put us in.” Before EriSell could react, the man plunged the dagger into EriSell’s shifting form. He felt a jolting sensation, as if he was being shifted in some sort of fourth dimension. Then, everything went black.

EriSell -


Who was he?

Earl. That… that was his name now.

Earl woke up. It was a pleasant, sunny day in Hyrule.

“Sleeping on the job, Earl?” Earl looked up to see his friend, and fellow Hyrule Castle guard, Keila, standing over him. “Shiki I would have expected this from, but you?”

“Gah, sorry. I… I didn’t sleep well last night.”

“Well, today’s not the day to drift off to sleep. I just received news from higher up that there are Yiga infiltrators in the castle.”

“Yiga…? Oh, no! This… this is not good.”

“Yeah… that’s essentially what I feel about it. Just… be on your guard, okay? I don’t want you getting killed.”

“O-ok. I will.”

(OOC: I intended to have a Earl kandra reveal back in LG77, but school got too crazy and I didn’t have much time to RP. But… here it is. I want to do some crazy scud with this game’s RP’s. I’m looking forward to it - this game looks like it’ll be very fun!)

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6 minutes ago, Szeth_Pancakes said:

(OOC: I intended to have a Earl kandra reveal back in LG77, but school got too crazy and I didn’t have much time to RP. But… here it is. I want to do some crazy scud with this game’s RP’s. I’m looking forward to it - this game looks like it’ll be very fun!)

I ended as the kandra, fair and square :P

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