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  1. Souls are drawn toward the Beyond, not the Spiritual Realm, which are different things and changes up that whole theory. I do like that theory.
  2. Note that Patji the Island is not the same as Patji the Avatar, one was probably named for the other and we’re not 100% sure which. We don’t even know exactly when Patji was created as an Avatar, except that we know Bavadin/Autonomy was involved in some way in FotS by the time of the story.
  3. With a passion. Wish I could meme it. He’s slowly turned it into just a dislike instead of a burning hatred though.
  4. Ari Ibarra is one of the best Cosmere (and other universe) artists I’ve run across! I follow them on one of those art websites as well as Instagram. Edit: ArtStation is where I follow them: https://www.artstation.com/ariirf
  5. That was a fun game! I told you guys I wasn’t evil (Amethyst Scorpion here)! Fun fact, I’ve played a single Anonymous Game previously. In it, I was also Amethyst Scorpion. That was a fun twist of RNG. Also, @Steeldancer, I did request the Stormform gem. I wasn’t gonna use it, but do I get to keep it? Edit: nm, saw the comment on that.
  6. When is Notum (or any Honorspren) not semantically pedantic?
  7. Eye color genetics is definitely weirder on Roshar than here, but I’m not certain it would prevent someone from being born with different color light eyes to two lighteyed parents, for instance. Apparently lighteyes and darkeyes genetics don’t often mix to produce full lighteyes, though, I did find that much: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/148/#e2782 (Last section) We’ve also been told eye color is related to the orders originally, though not that connected today, and for instance, Kaladin gets blue eyes because he’s a Windrunner, while other Orders get different colors it seems. So I would guess there’s some genetic weirdness to it.
  8. Jondesu


    Available now on Audible: https://www.audible.com/pd/Lux-Audiobook/B0979GG9T2
  9. I can’t get into Alcatraz myself, but I may have him try it. I got him a copy of The Rithmatist, but I also got Little House In The Big Woods and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the same time (which is the one he chose to start with) so he’s all over the place.
  10. I think it likely that we already have seen them at least try. This was the Feruchemist (reportedly) with a pet chicken (Aviar), so something may have been stolen from him with Hemalurgy.
  11. You’re telling me anti-gravity isn’t a thing? Say it ain’t so!
  12. I think the Oathstone has been confirmed not to be magical. Lemme see if I can find it. Here: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/128/#e5726 The question wasn’t the same but I think the answer is conclusive.
  13. Thanks, everyone. I forgot how violent it was, honestly. I do think I’ll hold off for now, but maybe try the others. I’ve got a long list of other books for him to read, so there’s no hurry.
  14. Constantly stuck on Windows updating screen? Sounds about right.
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