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  1. happy birthday Pyro! I wish you well!

  2. Okay, guys. I understand the new people voting me. But do ya'll who remember me also remember anything about me? Like, I can't have changed THAT much. People are always sus of me D1/2. Every single time. Unless I'm elim, then only half the time. Like, me posting things that seem almost performative is why I'm a bad villager, and a good elim.
  3. Was thinking about pointing this out when matrim posted Also, a little sus of Kas here.
  4. I haven't voted, I think is the idea. I'm sus of the votes on me too. The new players could just be trying to contribute so it's not thaaat weird, but still. EDIT: good point Kas
  5. *eyes* I know. I was like 2/5ths of those posts. You're probably thinking of LG 66 or my first scumgame(I forget which one it was). The first one there was an incentive for posting a lot, espeeeccciiaally D1, and the second I outed myself as an elim intentionally to then get the whole game to focus on that game's Sk which was kinda like the scum in this game, and was one kill from winning, so I NEEDED to keep people discussing the SK or else they might kill me. (Also, people ALWAYS forget that it was the VILLAGE that betrayed the SCUM that game, not the other way around.) So yeah, it can happen, I just need a reason.
  6. (Cont. from here) She did not get it this time. Or the next three times. At that point, Pyria decided to head back to the Castle. Sure, no one would probably notice that she wasn't tucked away exactly where she was supposed to be, but everyone was always so careful when it came to these big meetings, making sure the normal people was far away from the interesting stuff. Oh, sure, sometimes it was boring, but other times the Champions would talk about what they'd been doing, and they always had cool stories. Not that Pyria had any idea what they might be talking about during those meetings. Nope. Not her. ...okay, she had SOME idea. But today's meeting was especially rushed, which meant that Pyria didn't have the chance to get herself into place beforehand. Which was why she decided to practice. --- Eventually, Pyria navigated her way back to the castle. Getting in and out was tricky, but made easier by the fact that like, ALL the guards were around the really important rooms or the meeting area. Also, no one ever bothered to check the little bracing-ledges under the bridge except for spiders. "Hello spiders," Pyria whispered to them. Then she waved. Of course, it would be a lot harder to get in and out if it weren't for a certain corner with some loose bricks that Pyria could remove to juuust about squeeze through into some old animal den, which led... ...Oh. Someone was walking towards her. Pyria couldn't exactly get away, with her head just peeking through a gap at the base of the wall, so she laid her face flat against the ground and pretended to be a very hairy rock. (open to anyone) EDIT: Yes, I did get myself out of a plot hole by getting Pyria stuck in a literal hole. No, this was not intentional. Yes, I had to rewrite this extensively after looking at the map of hyrule castle and realizing that it's really really hard to get into.
  7. Idk. I got to go soon, will do something later. Also, I am a very slow RP writer. So you're technically right about the doc bit. Kudos, I guess.
  8. @Illwei it was a joke, I'm not Zelda. Also, I am very much not afraid to draw attention as an elim. You should know this. I'm watching you now.
  9. RULES INFO: If you're redirected by a Knight, you are informed! This means scans are always accurate (afaict). Also, it's possible that it's possible for there to be more than one of roles that only really make sense for there to be one of! So we could have 10 Miphas!
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