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You Know You're a Sanderfan When...


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When you're going on and on about Brandon and his books to a friend who asks if you're "one of his biggest fans". And then you say "no" because you're thinking of the people who spend hours and hours and hours eg trying to work out what's hidden in the map of Roshar, or FTL based on Realmatics. And then half an hour later, you realise that as a member of Brandon's official fansite who posts basically daily, and having read most of his books at least twice, you really should have said 'yes.'  :D  


Hooray for relativity and extraordinarily dedicated 17th Sharders!

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 when you're certain that playing Monopoly makes you feel the Thrill.


Or when you check your family members for spikes or Odious influence. (during monopoly)

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When you not only have MAG, but also have been using its gameplay techniques to stage cagematches between built-in story characters like Vin, and extrapolated ones like Szeth. The conclusion is that Szeth is overpowered, and then you spend more time than most people will ever have trying to come up with a reasonable balance.

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You know you're a Sanderfan when you really want to make one of these now.

The board: different property colors represented by Shardworlds. You can "Invest" in any of the Shardworld locations, or the magic systems (which function like the train stations). The center of the board is a map of Shadesmar.

The money: little plastic spheres. The game comes with a little transparent pot and a light that makes them look infused.

The cards: various Chance cards that have effects like "Splintered" or "ODIUM REIGNS".

The pieces: metal tokens in the following shapes. A sword, a cloak, a spike, a stamp, and a stick.

Er, back on topic: You know you're a Sanderfan not only when use the word "Sanderfan", but when you derail a thread talking about how you know you're a Sanderfan because you're making plans for a Sanderson-inspired version of Monopoly. Kolo?

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When you suddenly get much better at sparring at your martial arts club and realize that the reason behind it is that you've been listening to Zahel. When you are suddenly much more proficient at dealing with weapons because you treat each one coming at you like it's a Shardblade

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"Go to Braize. Do not pass go. Do not collect two hundred clearmarks."

Why oh why isn't there a Cosmere themed Monopoly set?

I want it!


And by that I mean, I'd be willing to pay a ludicrous amount of cash to get one. Marketing guys, hear me out!


It goes without saying that I am a sanderfan because I would be willing to shell good money for what would basically amount to a monopoly with different text.

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