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You Know You're a Sanderfan When...


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... When you gather a crew of specialists and raise an army in order to overtake and overthrow your government.


Boy, don't you just hate it when that happens!

Really sucks huh? :P


When your first thought in the morning is about a theory you can't wait to post on 17s.

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When you spend ridiculous quantities of time in mistborn roll-playing games and designing and creating things based on Brandon's works.


When one of your first reactions to any magic system is to wonder how it could fit with realmatics.


When you are excited about an RAFO because it means you can go on theorizing and that there is something important to theorize about.

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I figured that if anyone would appreciate it, the 17th Shard would, so thank you for that.


I don't want to go into detail about my life, but it really does fit. My girl got Ruin's metal and I got Preservation's. We keep each other sane in so many ways.

I even tried to get them to work in some BioChromatic colors in them to contrast them, but she just wanted a simple design for hers. It makes sense in a way; Ruin wouldn't have wanted to make things complicated. "Just give me the final design and do it already!" That seemed to be her focus.

I'm glad you guys like it. It shouldn't mean anything, but when other Sanderson fans approve, that means we did it right and where I'd love it anyways, that's just icing on the cake!

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When you hear the word Smoke or Smoker and think of copper.

When you hear any of the names of Allomantic metals and you think, "Coinshot,Lurcher, Soother, Rioter, Smoker, Seeker, Tineye, or Thug."

You forgot Seer, Augur, Oracle, Slider, Pulser, Leecher, Nicroburst, Aluminum Gnat and Duralumin Gnat (!).

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