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You Know You're a Sanderfan When...


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when you use sanderson's quotes in casual conversation. Ones I used include

- narrating the "lesson in practical philosophy" of jasnah to argue for the subjectivity of good and evil

- quoting jasnah when there is a talk about religion and atheism

- quoting wax against miles when arguing with someone who hopes for a revolution. further adding all the stuff that happened in mistborn 2 as additional arguments for why revolutions should be done only in the most extreme cases

- quoting warbreaker about how everyone is the hero of his own story

- using nightblood as an example of how a perfectly good intention could end up causing terrible harm when coupled with ignorance


When you see the tattoos displayed at page 2 of this thread and spend half a minute rolling on your bed laughing at the awesomeness of it. And then you immediately try to send it to all the other sanderson's fans you know (only 2 in my case).


When you start thinking that ppretty much all other fantasy is crap because it has shoddy worldbuilding and a poorly planned magic system

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When you're playing the game where you say the first word that comes to mind and it's almost always impossible to understand for anyone who hasn't read Mistborn. My sister hated it when things like that happened: she would say 'gold' and I would say 'health'! And she would be annoyed. And it happened over and over and over.

Same thing with me and Pictionary. e.g., when the thing you're supposed to draw is "lurch," and your first instinct is to draw the allomantic symbol for iron...

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To be fair, you aren't quoting Warbreaker, you're quoting the common advice given to writers about writing villians.


Yes, but that's the point: it was all stuff I was convinced of from before I started reading sanderson, and I had no need to quote anything to support that. But now, everytime a discussion goes towards some philosophical debate, I feel the need to use his words.

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When you use Hoid quotes in debates.

When you doodle Allomantic symbols and scribble in Alethi.

Both of these. And when you spend two weeks drawing the ten KR glyphs on your hiking boots "because I could use a little less gravity and a little more friction"

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Hey just a general question, do we refer to ourselves as Saderfans? Sandersonians? Something else?

I second this question. I've seen quite a few variations. Do we have an official title?

I do not know what Sanderson fans refer to themselves as in general, but we of the 17th Shard usually refer to ourselves as "Sharders". Considering that this is the official forum, and that quite possibly the majority of the hardcore fans find their way here, I believe that is a good a term as any.

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Yeah, the "Sharder" term tends to be used for "Members of 17thShard". Outside of this area, the term "Sanderfan" or just the more gnereal "Cosmere fan" tend to be more popular, though "Shardling" also gets used, such as the "Shardling Secret Santa" event that has happened the past two years.


So, over on tumblr (yes, I know I'm talking about tumblr again) we've got quite a few Sanderfans, though the good majority of them are not Sharders.

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Eh, the websites each serve their own purpose. There's a few of us fandom amphibians who are on both, but most tend to find whatever fits them best and stick with it. The Sharders stick with Sharders and the tumblr fandom stays over there. It's whatever everyone's most comfortable with and whatever side of the fandom suits them best!

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