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You Know You're a Sanderfan When...


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When you see someone setting out copies of WoR in the store and get really excited. Even though you already own it.  

when every time you pass in front of your bookstore you enter to see if they have words of radiance, even though you already ordered it. just to feel it in your hand, and revel in the knowledge that you could buy it right now instead of waiting.

when, not seeing it, you want to take a picture and post it in this forum complaining about the big words-of-radiance-shaped hole right there where words of radiance was supposed to be.

and when, noticing they don't actually have any sanderson's book (except the wot ones) you think about setting up an angry mob and storming it with torches and pitchforks and forking torches and flaming pitchforks (and even flaming pitchforks with forking torches strapped on the other side of the handle to use as double weapon), but you are put back because they have two full shelves of pterry books. Not because having two shelves of pterry books redeem them from not having sanderson, but because they keep the pterries as human libram shields and you need to find a way to free the hostages first.

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When you watch "Frozen" and your first thought during "Let it Go" is "Hmm, now I want to develop a story with ice magic..." and before you know it it's spun off into multiple magic systems based around temperature...


Or when you write a fight scene with magically enhanced / cursed swords and wonder if that's too close to shardblades and Nightblood.

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When you expect somebody else's deity to kill themselves one day so their followers have to move on.

I'm actually talking about a friend's mock religion of one, not any actual large one, oh ye people who take offense at my terrible sense of humor.

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When someone in real life says something particularly witty or insightful and you instinctively look for the upvote button

Or when this happens and you think of what Brandon character could have said it. And also when you want to downvote someone in real life for being a jerk. (Of course this never actually happens here. I may have given two or three down votes my entire time here.)

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That's because no true Sanderfans are jerks. Except maybe that Kurkistan fellow. He can be a real rotspren sometimes.

That's what's so nice about 17th Shard! Many online communities are rife with rotspren.

And also, you know you're a Sanderfan when you laugh when someone (also a user on a site devoted to him, posting in a thread about when you know you are a fan of his) refers to someone as a rotspren and you laugh.

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