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  1. Whelp, back on my occasional 'poke my head in and see how things are going' visit! I did just see some art of a dragon-fruit dragon, its stomach is like the white pulp and the seeds, and its back is that bright pink, adorable, so Im gonna go with that. Plus its a pun. Do I like them or are you offering?
  2. Your anatomy and posing is particularly good, especially Sierra! They all have so much personality and dynamism. Im sorry that you cant share parts of yourself with your parents. Its terribly hurtful and unfair. The cool thing is that you can choose your friends, especially once youre an adult and you can find IRL people who are like you. I wish I had some grand wise thing to say, just, know that youre not alone and it wont be like this forever. That goes for all of you who are teens. It gets so much better when you become an adult and can direct your own life.
  3. Lol if you still want answers a year late, sure why not Yang and Penny. Penny because she's wholesome and adorable and I love her, and Yang because she's a badass and I relate to her trauma stuff and on top of that she is A Certified Gay! I hadn't then, I have now!
  4. Do we have news of a Rock novella?
  5. I suddenly remembered there was like one line when Teft returned from the Horneater Peaks saying that Kaladin wasnt going to see Rock again. Are we meant to assume that hes dead?!
  6. Hi! Im mid OB re-read, and I have read Dawnshard, I just cant afford a copy of RoW right now and I havent figured out my local library yet. I have seen a lot of people complaining about how its so character heavy and blah blah reading about people with mental illnesses is so annoying. Like hey we gotta read about healthy neurotypicals all the time how do you think we feel! I havent decided yet if im gonna read the pre-release chapters. I have been accidentally info-dumping on my friends because boy howdy do I get intense about these books. Oops Oh I saw the art! On the official website! Its so gosh danged pretty!!!!
  7. Soup! Soup for my family! Yeah part of why I like the word queer is that it inherently does not fit into neat boxes. Its not part man part woman, part hetero part homo, its wobbly wobbly timey wimey experience of its own stuff that encompasses a whole lot of bright and creative and individual and communal and its just not what anyone outside tries to make it, it doesnt fit itself neatly into understandable labels, it just is, and its beautiful, and wow this is a very run-on sentence, woof! Wait, really? Ugh. Why are exclusionists. Dammit. Spear Queers it is then!
  8. 1. Im re-rereading OB and I definitely ship the OT3. 2. Same comment as below - - You know your own identity, no one else can know that because theyre not you; and you dont have to have like a hook-up ratio to justify yourself. Y'all are valid and if anyone wants to gatekeep they can catch these hands. Theres also lemme think, Battle-axe Bi's, Spear Queers, someone made a whole bunch of cute stickers for different identities, though Im not sure how many they originated and how many were just around already. Here! https://www.redbubble.com/people/foxflight/shop?artistUserName=foxflight&collections=877877&iaCode=all-departments&sortOrder=relevant (disclaimer I dont know the person or having anything to do with them, dont make money from sales etc etc) I dont see bi/pan as part hetero- part homo-, its its own fluid thing. I can be attracted to multiple types/genders of people at the same time. It is fluid and does lean certain ways sometimes and changes over time but its not a hetero/homo spectrum, its soup.* *I am going through a phase of calling everything soup. Life is soup. Time is soup. Gender is soup. Attraction is soup. Its all soup for my family. Theres also Wonder-Woman-throwing-a-tank form, I hear. I take this is the same They who descends upon achillean* gays the moment they come out and sort them into tops and bottoms. (thats also a bit of a community joke) *achillean is loosely men who love men, its feminine counterpart is sapphic, both can and do include non-binary people.
  9. Im multiple episodes behind ahhhh (im on 113) So Liam on one of the catch-up Talks Machina's confirmed that Caleb is attracted to Essek. We got another gay on our hands! And yeah Also, not sure that Jester or Fjord want children. I kind of ship Shadowgast + Jester for the chaos. I think Beau +Yasha ship name is just beauyasha. Also I just love Veth and Yeza? Did I say this before? Theyre adorable. I kind of feel bad for Yeza trying to raise Luc and Veth just drops in with weapons and chaos, he's so in love with her though.
  10. But....what if I want to post Dawnshard art but also not see RoW spoiler art?
  11. Hey So when I go to the Coppermind I get a pop-up warning about RoW spoilers and a link to the time capsule site. But when I click the link I just go back to the pop-up. And if I click that link I just go back to the pop-up again. I assume thats not supposed to be happening.
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