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  1. Name: Mestiv Location: Mainly Discord, but also Poland Best known for: cats, but also developing the software behind Arcanum Cosmere knowledge: intermediate Hobbies: cats, coding, gaming, photography Cats owned: a lot, seriously, too many I found this community after reading Way of Kings many years ago. I wrote maybe 2 posts regarding the book and then just stayed in the social sections of the forum. I really liked people here and wanted to contribute, so I made the software behind Arcanum, despite I'm not really into WoBs or theorycrafting in general Now I mostly hang around on Discord and sometimes do something related to coding and Arcanum maintenance. Who knows, maybe I'll make something big again one day... I'm also really proud of how good I look when a gender flip filter is applied to my photos. Fem!Mestiv is the prettiest!
  2. What is that golden noodle on your profile picture? ... and why is it spinning? ;)
  3. Since you have an own in your profile picture, I imagine you wear glasses. Probably would fit the "nerdy" look. ( I guess I break this game with my face on display :P)
  4. Mestiv what happened to your signature?

    1. Mestiv


      I no longer host it, too much fuss and I'm not really active here anymore.

    2. AetherBorn
  5. I followed you for being my favorite mod 

    so yeah, keep up the great work 

  6. Not much I'm afraid. I don't recall anything about official invitation for them, but I know there were a lot of Jews in Poland for many centuries. I think they had it relatively good here, as Poland used to be one of the most accepting countries back in the past (no witch hunting or burning). But I'm afraid that's all I can tell, and even that is just more of "I think" than solid facts.
  7. Happy birthday 


    My favorite mod


  8. Don't worry about backup, Pagerunner has it all memorized Seriously though, there is backup for both: the database with all text content and media sources. The data is stored with different company than the one that hosts Arcanum server. I think we're safe
  9. @TwiLyghtSansSparkles and @Kobold King were two users I knew back in the old days, absolutely core personalities to the social part of the Shard for multiple years. Too bad they're no longer around :< Also, AonEne now spins
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