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  1. Chromium is exempt from the metal inside a body rule. I've never thought to consider this odd before. It's slightly off topic, but does anybody know the reason for this? But I do agree. By the time you can kill a spiked person with Chromuim you'd probably be able to cut out the middleman and just eat souls outright.
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  3. Windrunner 9 Dustbringer 12 ​​Elsecaller 11 Truthwatcher 6 Bondsmith 8
  4. I'm not really very good with Sixth of Dusk, and I apologize if you already know this, but I think the world the book takes place on is one of the moons of Roshar. It doesn't have a Shard on it, but has a couple of animals and such that are innately invested. It's not quite like metals on Scadrial, but it's a similar concept.
  5. They actually used connection to get languages. Brandon's on record as saying that tons of excess identity is not the most useful thing in the world, but given identity seems to be spiritual identity and not mental identity, it might have some applications in regards to, say, hemalurgy.
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  7. I wonder if you could use F!Atium to age down to when your immune system was better, to quickly recover from illness. Food for thought. It doesn't have a lot of combat utility aside from aging up or down to your prime if needed, or maybe trying to change your general size and/or shape via age to avoid attacks. Not terribly useful, but on top of the day to day utility it's not terrible.
  8. Shardblades are, or at least were, living creatures. Their shape and form is based on their personality and the way they want to be seen. It helps that without weight or balancing they can basically be what they want to be without issue. Nightblood though? Nightblood is a tool. A weapon first and foremost designed to ruin evil's day. The simplicity and straightforwardness is, in its own way, an expression of Nightblood's personality. /reason I shouldn't post late
  9. It's unlikely that's how they started it, because obviously by that point they were all out of things to burn and in no shape to go looking for more. But nowadays in modern South Scadrial I'm not sure what would stop them from doing something like this to quickly fill up a Brassmind. I do agree that by now they clearly do have a way to stay warm inside in some way, it's crazy to think they haven't invented some kind of electrical heating system by this point, so they're probably fine indoors or in town. It's how the Firegiving people can even store heat to begin with, otherwise they'd freeze to death. I lost my handle on that thought. Point is, it sounds plausible.
  10. Kaladin talks extensively in both Stormlight books about how people will always long for the days before, even if said days involved carrying bridges to their deaths or really nasty squadmates. People will always talk about "the good old days" even if they really weren't that great. I imagine the Halls is the same principle on a larger scale.
  11. I believe there was an extensive discussion on this topic just a few theads down below, right here.
  12. Windrunner 6 Skybreaker 5 Dustbringer 6 Edgedancer 4 Lightweaver 9 Elsecaller 16 Truthwatcher 10 Bondsmith 10 Willshaper 3 Stoneward 8 There's room for bad puns on every thread. And the discussion is always a nice accent to these posts.
  13. Windrunner 8 Skybreaker 6 Dustbringer 6 Edgedancer 4 Lightweaver 9 Elsecaller 14 Truthwatcher 10 Bondsmith 9 Willshaper 4 Stoneward 10 Well, it's not perfect, especially with the green/red, but I believe these are the orders of the Knights Gradiant.
  14. He might have been offering passive assistance, we can't rule that out. And if he didn't interfere at all, on the same principles as the Lord Ruler, it could be because with Preservation's power he knew they'd get help in time, and could see that they'd go on to thrive on their own. The opposite of what he did with the North, where he all but held their hand. With the South, he pretty much left them alone, knowing they'd actually do really well left to their own devices. /speculation
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